I'm just here to say..... (My cruelty-free pledge)

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I woke up and was on kalel blog and read her long and very intersting/inspiring blog post about her feelings towards animal cruelty, it really hit me home when I was reading about the beauty products since I, like many other gals out there use many beauty products daily. Products that we use for our hair, nails, and body that are getting tested on poor animals (mostly bunnies) that shouldn't have to deal with that pain just because we want to alternate ourselves. I have spent all morning researching and discovering all the brands that aren't cruelty-free which have made me both shocked and surprised that I have been a part of such a thing. Harming animals always make me very sad and mentally ill to think that people actaully do such horrible things to beautiful creatures that can't even talk or help themselves. 
This brings me upon the issue of eating meat and what animals go through in the food industry, let me tell you that I have thought of becoming a vegetarian/vegan many of times but for someone that lives with people and is around people that eat meat it's a hard thing. That sounds like an excuse probably but it really is quiet hard and I really want to be doing it full force when I live on my own and am not tempted to eat meat.  
For now I have taken a pledge to myself and on the peta website to stop buying products that do animal testings, this is going to be difficult but there are plenty of websites that will help me to spot what brands aren't/are cruelty-free. I do have to say that there are some makeup products that I have that aren't cruelty-free that I won't be re-purchase after they all gone. I will for sure keep you guys posted on how I am doing and that I will not bail out of because it breaks my heart. 

I pledge on here that
 "testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. By signing this pledge, I refuse to spend my money on companies that make animals suffer for their products or to support corporations that abuse animals."  

Here are some links that I thought will be useful to someone that is interested in this now


If anyone know more useful links for me, please comment and list them I will apperiate it a lot! 

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  1. I love this! I myself have been wanting to stop using products from companies that test on animals. I was a vegetarian for three months, but it was so difficult when my culture's food is mainly meat. It was even more difficult when my family was against it ):

    This really inspires me to get back on track with being cruelty-free. Good luck to you! You have my full support! ^___^