Back to school outfits! 2014

Casual Lazy Outfit

Basic white cotton tee

I could see anyone wearing this when they want to be really conformable but look presentable still. I really want to get some lounging pants because they look like pajama pants but obviously more fashionable and acceptable to be worn outside :B
You could totally dress this outfit up with pairing it a nice lace-y crop top like how they styled the pants on the website. I went with a plain white tee because it's a lazy outfit but added some different length dainty necklaces (my current obsession) to pull it all together. 
Oh and those loafers are fricking adorable! ^ o ^ who doesn't love pugs???
When you're going to school you don't want to be overy dressed up so wearing flats is always the best option for me

When I'm Trying To Look Okay Outfit

Mint/teal-ish crop top

Dark denim skater skirt

Nude mary jane wedges

Black tote

This outfit is when I want to try but not overy try so much if that makes any sense hahah... Personally I love this outfit and I would probably add a cardigan or kimono since I always get cold easily ;; Also you could could totally wear flats with this outfit instead since you have to walk around school, but I would wear the wedges because beauty is pain ~ 
I know you won't use a purse to school (although a shit load of silly gals do in school) but it was just to complete the outfit for this collage propose.

When I Want To Feel Cute Outfit

The bird & the bee dress

Black flats

Tan purse

This would be an outfit I would wear when I decide to look cute and want to feel great about myself. It's one of those outfits that would boost up my confidence and make me happy :> I'm sure everyone has those outfits that make them feel great about themselves and very happy, this would be my ideal outfit like that. 
When you go to school there's a lot of people that are noticing what you're wearing and there's no shame to once in a while try to look cute and get compliments from them ^^ 
Do you guys understand what i'm saying?                                    

If you guys liked these outfits thangs, i'll try to do more :> As you guys can see I don't really have a "style" I like to wear whatever seem appealing to me and I guess I can say that I have plenty of "styles" but lately i've been going toward more formal wear haha :B

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