Boxycharm August 2014/thoughts on first box

Hello everyone! ^ o ^ today I wanted to share with you guys my first boxycharm box! 
Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that is $21 dollars per month. This isn't like most monthly beauty subscription box where they give you mostly samples and once in a while here and there full size products, boxycharm is always provides you with full size products or luxury size beauty samples  ^ u ^ 
In this box everyone get the same products which is awesome because when I was subscribed to birchbox and I would get bad products and everyone else would get better products than me which was poopy. 
I'll talk more about my opinion on my first boxycharm at the end of the post! 

This month's theme was "beach babe" 

I love how everything was all perfectly placed (that was my first reaction haha)

The first item I decided to start with is this cheek + lip tint.
This is a full size product and it goes for $22.00 at

When I first put it on my hand it looked really dark and like blood ; ~ ; 

But once I started blending  it out and it wasn't as dark and started turning into a nice pink color ^^ I do have to say that a little does go a long way...

Next item would be this Tarina Tarantino conditioning lip sheen. 
It's a full size product and goes for $22.00 on

Best picture I could get of the packaging.. I am in love with how sleek it is but it's very heavy ; u ; 

The color I received is called "floriculture" and I love LOVEE this shade! I wore it the day I got the box and it looks beautiful on my lips. I love this color so I was so happy when I got it and couldn't wait to put it on my lips ^ o ^  

Best swatch picture I could get but it's not true to the color at all D: my camera is making it seem WAYYYYY lighter than it is, it's just a bit darker.

Next item is this Enter Pronoun "BLOWTORCH" bronzer.
Full size, goes for $35.00 on

The packaging isn't my favorite because your fingerprints get all over the place and it's bulky.. It wouldn't be travel friendly at all in my books. 

Product inside is lovely though and it's a matte bronzer ^^ I perfer matte bronzers over shimmery ones most of the time. 
I couldn't get a great swatch picture so I didn't add one plus my camera would wash it out and it wouldn't help anyone. I'm sorry D:

Second to last item is this lip linear from Ofra.
Full size, goes for $13.00 on

The color that I got in my box is called " glacier pink" 
I would describe this color as a nudey pink but with some a bit of shimmery sheen and sometimes to me it looks kinda metallic-ish ; ~ ; 
I can't really explain it to be honest haha but it's color i've never really seen before so I like it because it's different to me. 

Here's the best swatch photo I could take 

Last item that I recived in my box is this wonderful brush from Morphe.
Full size, goes for $19.99 on

This brush is so fricking soft!! I have heart eyes for this brush <3 __ <3 haha 
So far i've only used it to put on bronzer and it picks it up like a dream.. When I go overboard with my bronzer this brush also blends it out great too! This is an amazing brush and it's making me want to check out the other morphe brushes they have to offer ^^

My over-all thoughts
I heard about this box from a wonderful beauty guru and decided that I would love to give a subscription box a try again so I signed up :> I started getting very excited once boxycharm started doing sneak peeks at what was going to be in the box. Overall I am very impressed with everything I got this month and am already excited for the next box :3 

I definitely recommend you guys sign up for boxycharm because for only $21 I got $112 worth of stuff! It's money well spend for how much stuff I got and way better than my last subscription box.

Thank you boxycharm! You can subscribe here~

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