Earn Free Money just for trying apps with Feature Points!

I'm here to talk about a very neat app that allows you earn points that you can later turn into paypal money, amazon money, & other wonderful things. You earn these points by just trying out apps ranging from games to not so fun apps haha. You don't need to keep the apps at all, you just need to try them out for about 30 seconds - 1 minute to get the points. Some games that you try out do require you to do a "tutorial" but that doesn't take so long. 
I keep hearing about this app all over tumblr and twitter so I gave in and tried it out :B I have to say that I don't mind trying out apps and playing games to earn points to redeem and I personally find it kinda fun (unless it's those boring apps haha) 
So far it's been a positive experience and I wanted to share this app till I knew it was legit but that's going to take a while....  I have seen pretty legit proof that they do award you whatever you redeem though ^^ Don't worry I will for sure keep you guys updated when I choose to redeem my points!!! I pinkie pie promise (yeah pinkie pie haha)

Let's move on to some screenshots from my phone~ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here's how the app looks like in my phone ~ hahah

These are the apps at the moment that I can earn points from.

Some rewardsssss

More rewards

Use my referral code 5DNCWX to get 50 points when you sign up ^^

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