Little Update: August 22,2014

Helloooo! Okay the first exciting news I want to talk about is about that this blog is now (^ u ^) ~ oh yay so exciting!! I only changed it to a dot com because I saw some codes that GoDaddy was offering a .com domain for only $1.99! ^^ 

 CODER199, DOG199, or RAD199
Just wanted to share that with my fellow bloggers if there are any out there that would want to take advance of these codes like I did :>
Just a heads up though that changing the domain is confusing but there are plenty of tutorials out there! Google is your best friend!! 

Something else I wanted to update you guys with is I started school!~ Well not very exciting since it's only community college at the moment but I am on my way hahah... So far i've only been to one class but I start my other class tomorrow :s ugh. Something that sucks for me is that they're making me take remedial class u__u but at least it'll get me prepared for my real classes because i'm not the best writer or math mathematician (not even close to one) 
It's only been the first week so I can't really comment on anything just yet or judge my classes too soon..
Last little update that I want to put out there is, I finally have my laptop so that mean I can at least try to make webcam videos that don't look crappy and have the audio be out of sync!! u___u I think i'll try to have Aaron do the boyfriend tag but that will most likely be happening in the near future..... 

I think that's pretty much all that I wanted to update you guys on
Oh also I did the ice bucket challenge but I forgot to say "als ice bucket challenge" and some other things because I just wanted to get that thing over with. I will be donating as well when I have more money in my account because I actually want to contribute to the research and not just call it a day by dumping ice cold water on myself ^^

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