♡ To my special someone.... ♡

Hello people other than my cutie bear reading this... hahah

Today marks three long years since you awkwardly asked me to be your girlfriend.  I was shocked and all giggly inside because I've always secretly had a crush on you since I first meet you in the 8th grade. Looking back at that day it makes me so happy I said yes because I would have never thought you would become such an important person in my life and that I would fall in love with you. I've gone through everything with you and I opened up to you more than I could ever have, although I can be distant sometimes it only because i'm still getting use to the idea of having someone actually care about me. Even though it's been three years that something I am really trying to overcome because I do want to tell you how sad and horrible I feel most of the time, but I don't want to get you worried and it makes me sadder because you can't be here to psychically comfort me. I'm a needy girl. 
I'll try to be positive now because I don't want this to be so depressing... I really do appreciate everything you do for me and all the times you have to put up with me and my horrible family. It shows me that you do want to be with me even if I can be a little shit and sometimes a bitch. I love you so much it's so hard to explain/how I want to show you my love sometimes because i've never loved anyone as much as you (wow how cheesyy) 

You're my cory to topanga, my han solo to princess leia, my chuck to blair, my Anthony to kalel, my benji to judy, my mr. big to carrie, my chandler to monica, my kevin to winnie, etc.....

Happy 3 years and many more to come! 

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