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My favorite time of the year is coming up slowly but surely and I am beyond excited so i'm making a blog post about it! ^ u ^ Autumn or fall whatever you want to call it is one of my favorite seasons. I love fall because the leaves go through their transition of changing colors and falling. The weather is amazing as well since it's start getting chillier and becomes more acceptable to wear cardigans and tights. Want to know more reasons why I love Autumn? Keep on reading!

Changing colors & falling of the leaves
Seeing the leaves transition colors is only the beginning of the joy autumn brings to me. The leaves are falling on the ground and they start piling up all messy. Am I the only one that gets some excitement from walking through a pile of leaves? 

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love that it's a holiday for all ages and everyone can enjoy in their own way. Ranging from if you have kids to if you're an teenager or adult. Halloween to me means halloween theme items, halloween movie marathons,haunted houses, free candy, dressing up, and getting $3 burritos from chipotle!!! Halloween is just a fun time of the year for me because I will forever be a kid at heart. I am aware that there's some more meaning behind halloween but that's what halloween means to me. 

Having a fireplace/bonfires
Autumn brings in colder nights which means ditching the air conditioning and turning up the heater or starting yourself a nice little fire :3 I want to do a bonfire this year but I have no friends so it wouldn't be as fun but you do have friends that would be a fun event to do.

Pumpkin flavored foods
Get ready for all the pumpkin flavored foods coming your way very soon! PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin marshmallows.. You get the idea. Seasonal items are always wonderful, don't you agree? 

Warm drinks
There's nothing like having a movie night with your boyfriend, friends, or family while drinking some nice warm drinks or drinking a warm drink while you stroll around outside. 

Warm cozy pieces of clothing
I am a big fan of wearing oversized sweaters and a circle scarf :> even though it's fall it doesn't mean that you have to look uncute. Fall clothing and fashion is all about being comfortable and being warm. 

Lots of cuddling
I am a big fan of cuddles all year around with my significant other but mostly during the colder seasons is when that's all I want from him. If you don't have a boyfriend don't worry because you can cuddle with your stuffed animals and just have a mini heater on; the effect will be sort of the same haha. Luckily I have someone that can cuddle me up because I am cold always! Shoutout to my lover for the cuddles and shoutout to my stuffed animals/cat that give me cuddles when he isn't here.

If you don't agree the candles that come out in the fall and winter time are the best candles you are strange human but I do not judge you. I am a big fan of candles but mostly the scents that come out in fall and winter time, they fit the mood so perfect and at the end of the day it doesn't hurt to have your home spell wonderful. I will getting tons of candles this fall season because usually I hate how disgusting it smells in my home and fall candles will hopefully make it smell lovely :> 

Fall walks
There's nothing more wonderful than taking a walk in the fall. There's leaves all over the place, the air feels refreshing and somewhat chilly. I love going on walks during the fall because unlike in the summertime there isn't a sun that is melting you down.

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Do you love this season as much as I do?

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