♡ e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Review ♡

Today I am going to be reviewing e.l.f's long lasting lustrous eyeshadow. I decided to make a review for this product because I really like it and thought that making a review would appropriate. I'm sorry there isn't a lot of pictures for this product but it's a very straight forward review.

Enjoy!!! ^ o ^

How much product is inside: 0.11oz/3.0g (measurements taken from e.l.f's website)
Description of the product on the e.l.f website: "Soft and fluffy, these vibrant, shimmering Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow colors can be used as eyeshadow or a bold liner. The whipped gel texture is easy to blend and lightweight for lasting comfort and wear." 
Color range: There's 7 shade choices available that range from very wearable everyday shades to special event appropriate shades. All 7 colors have shimmer sadly so if you're not a fan of that you might not like this product :(
Lasting power/wear-ability: I've been wearing this product lately under my eyeshadows, and my shadows are more vivid and been lasting longer. That being said the longevity is amazing and definitely lives up to what it claims to be which is a "long-lasting eyeshadow"
Texture of product: As the description on the website said the texture of this product is like a whipped gel and is very thick. I love the texture of this product because it's not chalky or harsh on your eyes. It's lightweight and glides on smoothly on your eyes.
Price: $3.00 USD. For the price of three dollars this is an really awesome product and totally worth it to me! ^ u ^ 
Rate: I truly rate these items on how much I like them and how much I see myself using them in the future, so honestly I would rate this 10/10. I like my eyeshadows to be very vivid most of the time and applying this before my powder shadows really helps me fulfill that look.

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  1. i am absolutely in love with the colour of this!! so gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/09/lfw-designer-show-marchesa-notte.html xx

  2. I love to try out new elf products because they are so affordable and often turn out to be great products! I just found your blog and followed, great post. Thanks for sharing xx


    1. yeah same!! I love trying out e.l.f products because they are so affordable and don't put a hole in my wallet :>
      thanks for following me, i'll check out your blog for sure! ♡ ♡ ♡