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Here are just some recommends that I personally enjoyed watching on netflix. I like watching a variety of movies and shows. I mostly watch movies on netflix so that's why there's more recommends of movies than tv shows. I'll just give you guys a rundown of the movie/show and sort of a review of each :> 
I am aware this is a very random post but I just wanted to recommend things on netflix for you guys to watch because I like recommendations.

It's a girl is a documentary that talks about gendercide that is mostly happening in India and China. 
"Girls who survive infancy are often subject to neglect, and many grow up to face extreme violence and even death at the hands of their own husbands or other family members." (taken from the flim's website)
This documentary touched my heart and it made me so sad that something this horrible happens to girls around the world. It really opened my eyes and broke my heart to see girls be so unwanted just because they are a girl. After watching this flim I have decided that I will be adopting a girl in the future.
Lovelace is a biographical flim about Linda Boreman aka Linda Lovelace a porn star that gets famous for "Deep Throat" which was the first scripted pornographic flim. Don't get the describing of this flim all wrong and think it's about porn or a porn movie because it's not. It's the story about what the porn industry did to Linda and how the relationship with her manipulative abusive husband unravels.This movie was very compelling to me because of the storyline... After the movie ended I actually watched some real interview of Linda Boreman and was just in "awh" about her story. I am truly amazed at what this women went through and how she got out of it, her then husband Chuck Traynor makes me disgusted and I really do wish he went to hell... That sounds so harsh but he was a horrible man.

Safe Haven is about a young women that escapes from her husband by getting a bus that eventually stops at a small town called southport. She then get settled in the town by going into a store where she meets a man that works in the local convenience store... You can guess what happens aka they start liking each other, etc. There is a twist at the end though :B
I love watching chick flicks and this one had another take to the typical storyline these type of movies have.

This is such a good mocumentary. I was on my edge of my sit the whole time!! Okay let me try to explain this movie to my best ability... 
The Conspiracy is a mocumentary about two friends/filmmakers that are making a "documentary" on conspiracy theories. They start getting further into research and get into a club called the taurus club which is a meeting with powerful people from around the world, there is a twist though... You need to watch it I can't really explain this movie all that well. 

If you like the office you'll like parks and recreation it has the same concept of having a camera follow them working and have the characters actually interact with the camera. Of course it's a different plot and has different character. It's a type of show where I have no favorite character :> (but if I had to pick it would be april)

Bates Motel is a prequel to Hitchcock's Psycho. It shows the life of Norman Bates during his earlier year prior till the point where the film comes in. I never watched psycho so I started this show not knowing it's a prequel and really enjoyed the pace and storyline.

These might not the best recommends to some people but this is what I like to watch on netflix :> I might do another blog post like this again because sometimes I don't know what to watch on netflix and if you're a newcomer to netflix it can be so overwhelming with so many opinions haha ; ~ ; 

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