September instagram 2014 recap

September was a strange month that thankfully went away quickly. This month felt like one of those months you just want to go away as soon as possible, I felt very out of place and lonely all this month. Most of the time this month I was laying down in bed dying and watching netflix. I was not at all social this month which probably explains somewhat of how I felt throughout the month. Basically this whole month i've been thinking about what's wrong with me, and it's a horrible thing to do but I made a decision that I might need to see someone for my anxiety, depression, and bipolar. Well shoot that was a bit depressing but making a decision like that is suppose to be a positive thing :> Moving along to another positive note; pictures!

Left to Right

September 11: It was a rainy morning on campus and I had to get a pumpkin spice latte haha
September 19: A sleeping salem is one of the cutest things ever, next to a sleeping aaron who is my boyfriend. I need to get a picture of a sleeping aaron <3____<3 
September 20: I always see this little fountain when I walk to class and didn't notice there was a bench next to it so I decided to sit next to it during on of my long breaks even though it was soooOOOoooOo hot!! 
September 21: Washing my makeup brushes isn't something I love to do but you gotta do whatca gotta do~ 
September 24: I posted a selfie on instagram wow look at that haha nothing special at all. 
September 28: It's finally slowly starting to look and feel like fall around here! :> 

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