Coastal Scents Go Palette Beijing Review

Since there are no names for each shadow I will be going by numbers in this review.

How much product is inside: the net weight is 8.0g / 0.28oz
Description of the product on the coastal scents website: "Transport yourself...into the enchanting color story of historical Beijing. Twelve highly-pigmented hues shimmer in deep plums, ink black, gold, and cherry blossom pinks. Beautify yourself day or night with the inspiring colors of Beijing!" 
Color range: There are 6 different go palettes available on The palettes all have their own color selections which is awesome because anyone could find a palette that will fit their likes or needs. The palette that I have reminds me of a palette that I would use in fall because there are some reddish shadows and earthy shadows. 
Lasting power/wear-ability: For these shadows I would have to say that you will definitely need to use a eyeshadow primer before hand. Please don't get me wrong all these shadows are amazing but giving them some boost will help them be more vivid and last longer :3 The pigmentation of some shadows aren't the best and come very sheer on the lid which bums me out a bit but the darker shadows have good pigmentation and aren't sheer at all! 
Texture of product: There are some shadows that are really nice and easy to work with like: #1,2,3,5,8,9,10,11, & 12. But then there's some shadows are are more chalky and harder to work with like: #4,6, & 7. 
Price: originally $12.95 on sale at the moment for $8.95
Rate: 8/10. Only 3 of the shadows are chalky but the other ones are easier to work with also the pigmentation of some shadows are quiet sheer.

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