Spooky Eyes contact lens review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing a product on here for you lovely folks ^ u ^ I received a package from the UK before I went to my job orientation... I had no idea what it was because I haven't order anything from the UK lately, although I did think it was my plastic chocker I ordered a couple days ago from ebay but it was some color contacts! 
꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱  I've never received any sort of package to review from anyone so this is a first for me. Everything is always from my own money and I do the reviews on my own will. Big thanks to Spooky Eyes and etailPR for this opportunity ~ 

♡ Photo Diary: The 1975 Concert ♡

I'm so sorry that all the photos are really blurry but my phone sucks at taking pictures and Aaron forgot his phone in the car lol... well we didn't want to go back to the car cause I was freezing cold plus we were already 30 mins later to the concert but we didn't miss anything.. Oh how I regret it now because these photos are horrible. Once again I apologize.

Photo diary: Sushi date with my boyfriend @ Sweet Ginger

It's been a while since i've done a photo diary because I been forgetting to take pictures when I do things and it's a horrible habit since photo diaries are my favorite things about my blog. It's easy to see them and be like "ahhhhh that was a good day!" Anywho moving along to the photo diary... Me and my boyfriend went on a date yesterday and it was very amazing because we went to eat sushi and i've been craving sushi lately so yeah it was perfect! ^ u ^ 
Enjoy these photos!