November 2014 boxycharm unboxing

I want so excited when I first opened my box because I got the colors I wanted!! Yes success!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

So glittery!! ( ^∇^)

I wish that this eyeliner was more opaque :l Just from the swatches I can tell that this product won't be all that great but I'll try to do layer by layer and see if it becomes more opaque once I try it out.. 

The color is fricking gorgeous and has amazing pigmentation!! I think that I can somehow make this a wearable color in a weird way. It's very different to what I usually would go for because I use browns and my naked3 palette only so i'm excited to try this pretty color out 
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

This $45 eye primer better be the best eye primer that anyone has ever tried out because why would anyone spend that much money on an eye primer?? - u - I'm sorry I didn't include a swatch but the color is just like a light concealer.

The packaging is very plain and doesn't have the brand imprinted on the front at all... -﹏-
The swatch photo isn't the best one ever so I apologize :( I like the color a lot and it's not too bright as to how it looks in the packaging ^ u ^ i'm getting more into blushes so i'm thrilled to have receive this nice pink to add to my blush collection.

I'm so so SO happy that I got the purple color bug because others got the white color bug but that wouldn't be no fun for my hair haha... For me this is a nice product for me to have when I want to add some color in my hair :3 I am planning to add pink to the bottom of my hair but for now I'll just play around with this product.
The last photo is blurry haha ; - ; whoops... 

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