♡ Photo Diary: The 1975 Concert ♡

I'm so sorry that all the photos are really blurry but my phone sucks at taking pictures and Aaron forgot his phone in the car lol... well we didn't want to go back to the car cause I was freezing cold plus we were already 30 mins later to the concert but we didn't miss anything.. Oh how I regret it now because these photos are horrible. Once again I apologize.

So both of these photos are really blurry haha but this was one of the openings and they were called "young raising sons" as I can recall and they were pretty good. I didn't take any pictures for when the second act came out because I didn't want to waste my battery. The second opening act was probably my favorite one though! They were called "Cruisr" :B I did some research on seeing what the opening act were going to be and listened to some music from cruisr and liked them but I only listen to two songs from them once and that's about it for my pre-research ahah.

It got all dark once the second act came out and I thought the 1975 was finally going to come out but it was just the cruisr haha.

They kept making it foggy and shit and ahhhh my eyes! Aaron judged me for taking a picture of the fog but I need to so people could get the idea! 
Also side note there was a couple people that were passing out and needing medical attention which was scary to me ; u ; I was feeling dizzy and almost like I could faint so I was a bit scared that would be me but I was so determined to pull through for the concert lol. Aaron was worry cause I was feeling physically bad but I was ended up being fine and nothing happened to me. I felt so much better after the concert when I drank some water and got food in my system! ^ u ^

((this is embarrassing part uno))
This is when the 1975 first came out obviously you can over hear everyone singing and screaming.... I'm sorry you have to hear me as well joining in with the screaming and singing but I was fangurling so hard. 

Matty (lead singer of the 1975) is in the middle~

((this is embarrassing part dos))
sorry about my screaming singing in the background.... ; u ; 
shhhhh ahaha. I can't upload the other videos I have because I can't send them to my email or through bluetooth so I'm sorry, but it would be more screaming singing along and that would be embarrassing for me. 
Something I really want to share with you guys is that fricking matty was smoking a cigarette and drinking a bottle of red wine on stage! It was pretty funny because you could tell that he was either buzzed or drunk. He was still great though and it didn't affect his performance so it was whateves.

I took this picture in the car while we stopped for the light lol 

I had an amazing time at the concert I was so happy and excited! My boyfriend on the other hand wasn't really into it but I'm so thankful that he came with me and put up with it for me (人●ω●) bless his soul. That night is definitely going to be up there for one of the best nights. First place is prom lol

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