December 3, 2014: life updates/diary ~

Hello everyone or shall I say herrrro because that's how I say it irl ~ Well, well, well some things have changed in my life and by some things, I mean one thing haha. I finally; after a million years got my first job. I know it's not very exciting but for me it's a big step since I hate being home all the time and wanted to start making my own money. This has been a very good thing for me because I've noticed that I'm trying to be more social and get out of my bubble when i'm at work. I'm really shy and don't really like being social so going into work and having to be social is something that i'm starting to enjoy a bit now. It's all about baby steps. I'm an introvert and there's still plenty that i'm not comfortable doing.. Like for example calling my boyfriend on my own (I sound horrible but it's true) I AM SO FRIGHTEN!!! It probably sounds silly to some of you but I am just not comfortable with that whole idea of me doing it by myself. Don't get me wrong I love talking to my boyfriend on the phone but I just feel weird. It's like the whole texting first thing haha.. I'm just using that as an example right now because I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Obviously it isn't the best example but bear with me and try to understand what i'm trying to get across. 
Some other news that is pretty neat is I finish my first semester tomorrow... Ahhhh finally the day i've been waiting for since mid august!! I learned a bit more about how my learning style is which is great because that's something that will come useful to myself. Seeing what works for you and doesn't work when you're in college is something I think everyone should learn about themselves as a student. It's so weird that time flies by so quickly! It's already December you guys.. A new year is coming and all those "I haven't ate since last year" jokes will be popping up all over your timeline soon :-) and I will be one of them haha. 
I am excited for next year though because so much will be changing, oh hopefully I might go to disneyland! I've been wanting to go over to California again for a while, and it might happen next year with Aaron and my "family". Woot woot more updates on that later in the future or i'll sob to death.

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