My experience at working at Forever 21

Hi long time no see; as I am barely blogging nowadays.... Today was my first day at my new job but I wanted you guys to know how it was working at my first job which was Forever 21. 
these are my own opinions... obviously.

4 year anniversary date at Sushi Den: a photo diary

Oh hello... *coughs* yeah so i've been slacking with blogging big time! I have valid excuses but I just haven't been inspired. I want to revamp this blog and make it more fun but I just don't have any ideas!
 In other news,  August 29th was Aaron and I's four year anniversary but we both worked and wasn't a very good day at all. We didn't end up going on a date till Thursday (September 4th).  
I love photo diaries because I can see everything that happened that day through pictures which makes everything so much better! Although my phone did died when we went to get ice cream at this with my cousin so there isn't any photos of those moments... Weh since it was my first time going to the very popular little man ice cream. It's like the in n out of ice cream here in Denver, kinda.. that's how i'm going to explain it because that place was packed!!!!! the line was so longgg but worth it. 
 Okay on to the photos!

update: june 1, 2015

WOW it's been forever since i've blogged... I know... :< I'm so sorry a shit of stuff happened in the last few months. For starters I moved out of my dad's finally but now i'm stuck living with my boyfriend's family. Things just got really bad with my dad that I had to leave. It got to a point where Aaron and me were done with my dad. I don't want to go on too much detail but he's a very abusive person. Things have been very hard for me these past few months.. mostly being away from my cat. It sounds stupid but I love my cat and treat him like my child. I can't talk about missing my cat to anyone either because people just think it's silly about missing a "damn cat". That makes me even more sad :l A girl can't even miss her cat or even cry about a cat. Caring about my pet that much can be a bad thing around people that don't think about animals like me. I'm not going to throw "shade" but.... I also made a big decision about what I really want to do in my life. I thought a lot about who I am as a person and obviously I care and love for animals a lot so I decided to change my major to work with animals. It's still not official with my school yet because I have not done it lol but shhhhhh! I am bad. 
As you can tell from what I said earlier about missing my baby boy named salem (my cat) and caring about animals I decided the first step towards being around animals once in a while. I am starting to volunteer at a cat shelter. Aaron's sister gave me the idea of trying to make an effort to take at least baby steps since I want something to do with animals. Today I went to my orientation and it was really nice and fun for me to be around kitten and cute cats. Thankfully my thinking about animals is wearing off on aaron... slowly but surely. I'm saying this because aaron and I tried to become vegan. Spoiler alert we failed because we just went head on to it. I talked about wanting to become vegan all the time to aaron but he was very worried about me not knowing what to eat,etc. I respect everyone that is vegan; it takes a lot to be that dedicated. I think being a vegetarian is the best first step so i'm am trying again :B Yes I love animals but right now changing my diet all around is so fricking hard. It's sounding hypocritical because I love them but i'm thinking about myself... shitty I know but my living situation is very tough at the moment. I will do it and have that lifestyle when I am stable I promising to myself! 
I am going to change my blog layout this week so be on the lookout for it :3 I'm having aaron help me as well. It's going to be more cleaner and not have as much going on like right now. I need to revamp this blog and start blogging and maybe vlogging ???? since I live with aaron now. If you guys want to see anything from me please comment or tell me on twitter. Tell me ideas so I can start posting again! 
I love you every single person that takes time to read these updates! Thank you for being so awesome and just reading. It means a lot to me because it feels good to get things out there. I am a very open person and don't hide much. 

Once again thank you and I hope you're having a lovely day or night.

My visit to the cat cafe in Denver! ♡

HELLLLOOOOOOOOO everyone! :3 this is another long overdue bloggy post but shhhhh! I'm going to start with a little story about how I found the cat cafe unintentional; even though me and aaron were planning on going eventually. 
When my cat (Salem) broke his leg we had to look for a vet that wasn't going to charge us 4,000 dollars to get surgery. We researched all night and then we finally found a place but it was so far away from where I live... Salem stayed at the vets over night but we had to come back the next morning to talk to the vet about Salem and what my baby boy was going to get done ^ n ^.. Anyway when me and aaron were driving through the street where salem's vet was I saw the sign for the cat cafe!!! I was so sad for the last 24 hours because of Salem and hoped that everything was going to be okay. I asked if Aaron if we can go to the cat cafe and he said yeah so we did!!! :> I was so excited to see all the babies!

Kobe An Restaurant: Photo Diary

(This is a very old post that hasn't been posted yet because I haven't gotten the time to post it. I am very sorry about the lateness.)
Hellllllloooooo or herrrrrooo ^ u ^ I haven't done a photo diary in a while but I am here to present you with first one of 2015! Any-who moving right along to the post, it was my birthday on February 15th and really wanted to have a sushi dinner but sadly my dad and brother don't enjoy sushi as much as me and my boyfriend. Luckily my boyfriend (Aaron) said that we can go eat sushi another night and he would pay :3 (being a cutie bear as always) Aaron thought it would be a great idea to invited my best friend to get sushi with us because she has never eaten sushi.

Moving further along (I know so much back story i'm sorry), we went out on February 16 and went to this restaurant named Kobe An. Aaron wanted to go here because one of his friends likes the restaurant and once worked there ; ~ ; 

We first started off with drinks... Non alcohol drinks; I only turned 19 sadly. I got hot chocolate because it was fricking freezing outside, aaron and destiny got tea. 

December/2014 favorites!

Hello everyone! It's finally 2015 and i'm so ready for a new year of adventures and mishaps to happen! That being said I want to look back at 2014 with all the good vibes!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ 2014 was a very weird and exciting year. I graduated from high school, started college, and got a job (finally!!) Everything is slowly falling into the place, my next step is getting my license after a million year. My new year resolution is to start getting a bit healthier and to get my license. At least start eating more veggies and even take the first step into being a vegetarian! I hope you guys enjoyed 2014 and had some lovely memories as well. Here's my 2014 favorites!