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Hello everyone! It's finally 2015 and i'm so ready for a new year of adventures and mishaps to happen! That being said I want to look back at 2014 with all the good vibes!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ 2014 was a very weird and exciting year. I graduated from high school, started college, and got a job (finally!!) Everything is slowly falling into the place, my next step is getting my license after a million year. My new year resolution is to start getting a bit healthier and to get my license. At least start eating more veggies and even take the first step into being a vegetarian! I hope you guys enjoyed 2014 and had some lovely memories as well. Here's my 2014 favorites! 

I'm not going to talk about these products that much because i've feature them all in my blog before. i'll just just try to go through all these items nice and quick :3 First of all the naked 3 palette is amazing and was one of the best thing I bought in 2014 I use it a lot and have dropped it plenty of times. The packaging is amazing and very sturdy!! The other palette that I loved at the very end of the year was the nude dude palette from the balm. I haven't posted about it anywhere because I was planning to do a review on it but i'm not so sure about it anymore. If you guys would like a review let me know or i'll just do it one day. Moving along to the elf cream eyeliner.... Let me just say that that product has become one of my favorite eyeliners ever I ditched liquid eyeliner and only use this now. It easy to work with and is the color payoff is awesome. Now we come along to my new, new phone. I got a new phone but then I lost it then I had to buy myself a new phone so that's the one in the photo. The phone that my dad bought me for christmas was an iphone 5c but I lost that one with my cute corgi case that my boyfriend got me u__u I suck I know! I have a used iphone5s that I bought with my own money and if I lose this phone i'm going to be so frustrated; it hasn't happened yet so i'm praying it stays that way for the next 2 years!!
Next item that is next to the phone is my favorite serum that I received in my boxycharm one month. I don't seee anything different happening with my skin but I know that has to help out with something so I keep using it. That being said it makes my skin feels so refreshed after I take a shower :3 The third to last item is my favorite foundation that was expensive as all hell but it's amazing and stays on all day for me. I have a review on that foundation if you want to read it here
Second to last product is my favorite bronzer that I also received in one of my boxycharm, it's looks lovely on my skin and isn't too in your face if used lightly. The last thing in this picture is my dry shampoo i use. I started using dry shampoo in 2014 and my life has changed forever!!

As you can tell I got really into elf product in 2014! They're setting spray and undereye setting powder are holy grails! Well I can't really put a lot of my two cents about the setting spray because that's the only one i've used but it works great on my skin. The only issue i have is my makeup gets oily once in a while and when I spray the setting spray I can tell that it helps. I was looking for a white eyeliner and found the scandaleyes ones, it's waterproof and stays on my forever on my waterline which was, what I was looking for. The last and very final makeup product of 2014 that I fell in love with is the better than sex mascara! I am going to buy the full size one soon because it does wonders to my lashes. I have nonexisting eyelashes which is why i wear falsies all the time but with this mascara it makes my lashes fuller and longer :3 I feel that it's better than the they're real mascara which I did have the full size product and wanted to love it so much because it was 22$ but at the end of the day it just didn't make my lashes the effect I wanted D:

End of 2014 and beginning of 2015 favorite is this lovely amazing ring that my boyfriend got me. I've never gotten something so pretty from anyone so when I got this from him it made it so happy and I couldn't believe it. I hate when my boyfriend gets me gifts but this was the cutest thing ever and made me happy. He put so much thought into it and that makes it so special to me.

These movies are the only ones that I can remember actually going out of my way to watch and enjoyed them! ╯ ▽ ╰  I did watch a lot of movies this year but most of them were not released this year. This month I noticed that guardians of the galaxy released on dvd and begged my boyfriend to redbox it for us but we never got around to watching it sadly so I just decided to buy it for myself because i've been dying to watch it all year. I am totally going to jump into this bandwagon and say that I see why everyone raves about it, I mean look at me doing it right now haha. Big hero 6 was definitely one my favorite movies that I watched at the movies with my squad aka destiny and aaron. It has a great story plot and the characters are all so lovable! The lego movie was one of those movies that i got dragged with my younger cousins but I didn't mind at all because I love kid movies with a passion *shhhh*! The characters are awesome and I was laughing throughout the movie which means that I left the movie with quoting lines and was singing the "everything is awesome" song for maybe a whole month. The last movie is the second captain america, this was just be being a little marvel fangurl and just liked it because it was entertaining to watch but it wasn't the best movie ever haha. That probably didn't make sense but hopefully you guys know what I was trying to say.
I watched a lot of tv in 2014 and here's just some of my favorites that I got really into and a bit obsessed with. Some are old and aren't on tv anymore and some are still on going. The only show I want to talk about it hannibal! THAT SHOW IS MY EVERYTHING AND IT'S AMAZING! Shoutout to my best friend for getting me and then getting my boyfriend into this crazy amazing show. I can't explain it at all but if you want to read about and even better watch it, I will strongly advise you to do so! 

I have more music on my 8tracks just see my liked playlists because I listen to those very often

2014 wasn't good for me till the very end of the year but there was so many memories that I am grateful for. I don't do much or have a lot of friends but I'm happy that I have my boyfriend and best friend there for me every single year. They're amazing and I don't mind only having good memories with them only. 
Getting a cat was one of the most random moments, being a cat mom to that demon child is such a wild ride.  

I want to thank everyone that visits my blog and take time out of their day to read it. I am forever thankful and love you oh so much!

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