January 2015 Boxycharm Unboxing

Hello everyone! Sorry that this is a way over due unboxing for this month. Please just understand that I started school and been trying to balance that and work as well. Here it is though! 

The whole flash tattoos craze going on isn't really my cup of tea but I love these! They're so pretty and I can't wait to try them out! 

So this item wasn't my favorite because of the color but I'm going to try to use it and see how it looks on my lips. I'm not a big fan of the color but maybe I will like it if I use it more... I never know! It glides on very smoothly so that's a plus in my books! ^^

swatchy swatch

There's a light that shines when you press down on a button on top... If that make any sense which probably doesn't. Just know that there's a button and your push it down and ta-da there's light shining on your lips/face.

This lip creme looks great on me! It's a perfect everyday color in my opinion and i'm sure it looks amazing on every skin color so i'm happy they added this in the box. Definitely really neat to have the light as well. I feel like the light can be really obnoxious to some people since it either can have a use for someone or not. 

swatchy swatch

This was the product I was most excited to get in my box because it's a $29 primer! I've never heard of mirabella but it turns out to be cruelty-free so yay!

The consciously is very silicone-y and doesn't feel all that pleasant but I won't knock it till i try it 

I wasn't too excited for this product at all because I like to stay the color I am and not tan so this product is sadly not going to get any use from me. If anyone wants it maybe i'll do a giveaway and give it away because i'm not going to use it and it looks very nice :3 but not for me since I don't want to tan haha. If any of you guys want it please leave a comment or tweet me and i'll either do a giveaway or send it to you ^ u ^

Overall I was happy with 40% of the box. It wasn't the best or the worst. I can't complain at all though because every item is good quality and not fricking sample size! The box value this month was $124! Dang I am always so surprised at the value and what I actually pay every month! 
$124 worth of cool new products for only $21 a month isn't bad at all ^ o ^

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