My visit to the cat cafe in Denver! ♡

HELLLLOOOOOOOOO everyone! :3 this is another long overdue bloggy post but shhhhh! I'm going to start with a little story about how I found the cat cafe unintentional; even though me and aaron were planning on going eventually. 
When my cat (Salem) broke his leg we had to look for a vet that wasn't going to charge us 4,000 dollars to get surgery. We researched all night and then we finally found a place but it was so far away from where I live... Salem stayed at the vets over night but we had to come back the next morning to talk to the vet about Salem and what my baby boy was going to get done ^ n ^.. Anyway when me and aaron were driving through the street where salem's vet was I saw the sign for the cat cafe!!! I was so sad for the last 24 hours because of Salem and hoped that everything was going to be okay. I asked if Aaron if we can go to the cat cafe and he said yeah so we did!!! :> I was so excited to see all the babies!

Kobe An Restaurant: Photo Diary

(This is a very old post that hasn't been posted yet because I haven't gotten the time to post it. I am very sorry about the lateness.)
Hellllllloooooo or herrrrrooo ^ u ^ I haven't done a photo diary in a while but I am here to present you with first one of 2015! Any-who moving right along to the post, it was my birthday on February 15th and really wanted to have a sushi dinner but sadly my dad and brother don't enjoy sushi as much as me and my boyfriend. Luckily my boyfriend (Aaron) said that we can go eat sushi another night and he would pay :3 (being a cutie bear as always) Aaron thought it would be a great idea to invited my best friend to get sushi with us because she has never eaten sushi.

Moving further along (I know so much back story i'm sorry), we went out on February 16 and went to this restaurant named Kobe An. Aaron wanted to go here because one of his friends likes the restaurant and once worked there ; ~ ; 

We first started off with drinks... Non alcohol drinks; I only turned 19 sadly. I got hot chocolate because it was fricking freezing outside, aaron and destiny got tea.