Kobe An Restaurant: Photo Diary

(This is a very old post that hasn't been posted yet because I haven't gotten the time to post it. I am very sorry about the lateness.)
Hellllllloooooo or herrrrrooo ^ u ^ I haven't done a photo diary in a while but I am here to present you with first one of 2015! Any-who moving right along to the post, it was my birthday on February 15th and really wanted to have a sushi dinner but sadly my dad and brother don't enjoy sushi as much as me and my boyfriend. Luckily my boyfriend (Aaron) said that we can go eat sushi another night and he would pay :3 (being a cutie bear as always) Aaron thought it would be a great idea to invited my best friend to get sushi with us because she has never eaten sushi.

Moving further along (I know so much back story i'm sorry), we went out on February 16 and went to this restaurant named Kobe An. Aaron wanted to go here because one of his friends likes the restaurant and once worked there ; ~ ; 

We first started off with drinks... Non alcohol drinks; I only turned 19 sadly. I got hot chocolate because it was fricking freezing outside, aaron and destiny got tea. 

It took us all a while to review the menu because we've never been to this place and also I didn't know what most of the items in the menu were. Destiny and I got the same thing, it was called "seafood kunshi". We were both intrigued that it has spicy next to it because we both love spicy food ^ o ^ 

I have no idea what this pancake was called but it was yummy but very strange at the same time. It smelled like ketchup ;  ~ ; 

 All the sushi!!! We got a lot of food... (This is the last picture that look "dirty" because then I noticed that I need to clean my lens so I did and all the rest of the photos are prettier :3)

What me and destiny got :>

What aaron got... It was the most expensive dish there 

I'm very sorry that by the end of the blog post I didn't start being more descriptive but I didn't really know the item names. I'll ask aaron to come on here and edit/add things for me so it can help you guys out and is more readable. My blog has been MIA because of work and school but I am slowly going to be posting again. 


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