My visit to the cat cafe in Denver! ♡

HELLLLOOOOOOOOO everyone! :3 this is another long overdue bloggy post but shhhhh! I'm going to start with a little story about how I found the cat cafe unintentional; even though me and aaron were planning on going eventually. 
When my cat (Salem) broke his leg we had to look for a vet that wasn't going to charge us 4,000 dollars to get surgery. We researched all night and then we finally found a place but it was so far away from where I live... Salem stayed at the vets over night but we had to come back the next morning to talk to the vet about Salem and what my baby boy was going to get done ^ n ^.. Anyway when me and aaron were driving through the street where salem's vet was I saw the sign for the cat cafe!!! I was so sad for the last 24 hours because of Salem and hoped that everything was going to be okay. I asked if Aaron if we can go to the cat cafe and he said yeah so we did!!! :> I was so excited to see all the babies!

This is the cute sign that is outside and it's so true!!


This was the first baby I saw when I came in :' 

The cutest sign ever! I only took half of the sign because the owner was talking to aaron plus I didn't want to awkwardly take pictures of her in the way haha...

There are snacks and drinks you can buy :3 Aaron got coffee and I got hot coco. We thought we should buy something to be nice and polite since on weekdays they don't charge you to get in.


Aren't these the cutest????!!!? I'm going back to get some cat earring soon.

I want that cat tree for Salem... Sorry I was in awh with a cat tree so I took a picture of it. I'm probably part cat now that I think about it.

The cafe is very cozy looking and has plenty of spots to relax and grab a book or even do homework! It's not like a cat cafe in Japan but this cafe is very home-like to me.

I looked at this book for a long time because aaron was talking to a lady that works at the cafe sometimes. New favorite book because the kitty looks like Salem. 

A furry kitty that was laying around next to me while I was looking at the book

I called the kitty and s/he looked at me :3


Me and aaron started playing boardgames ^ u ^ we played life 2 times because why not? 

This baby was my favorite one and I wanted to take him home so bad, but all the cats at the time have FIV :( also my dad would kill me if I brought another cat home... *nervous laughter* 

Oh were to start.. Well first of all, this cat cafe is such a great place to visit if you live in denver. I wanted to have my birthday party there so yes, I would recommend all my friends and family to go and pet cutie cats :3 This cat cafe is so awesome because all the cat are adoptable so if you fall in love with a cat there you can take it home with you for a price of course. 
There is so much information provided on the website for the cat cafe that I couldn't ever be able to rephrase so i'll link the site below!!

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