4 year anniversary date at Sushi Den: a photo diary

Oh hello... *coughs* yeah so i've been slacking with blogging big time! I have valid excuses but I just haven't been inspired. I want to revamp this blog and make it more fun but I just don't have any ideas!
 In other news,  August 29th was Aaron and I's four year anniversary but we both worked and wasn't a very good day at all. We didn't end up going on a date till Thursday (September 4th).  
I love photo diaries because I can see everything that happened that day through pictures which makes everything so much better! Although my phone did died when we went to get ice cream at this with my cousin so there isn't any photos of those moments... Weh since it was my first time going to the very popular little man ice cream. It's like the in n out of ice cream here in Denver, kinda.. that's how i'm going to explain it because that place was packed!!!!! the line was so longgg but worth it. 
 Okay on to the photos!

 How can you not love him??? He was so ready for sushi... lol.

 Miso soup is a staple when we go to a sushi place.

I'm a huge fan of calamari but this wasn't was you usually get when you order it. It was cooked rather than fried squid but it was so good!

First roll..

nigiri sushi... surprise some crab heads, which I did not enjoy that much

Second roll... I'm sorry i'll have Aaron go over this and add more detail about the food ;) 

Kobe beef kushiyaki a.k.a kobe beef skewers
Oh god this was the best thing ever! Aaron was talking about the meat till we fell asleep that night that's how amazing he thought it was lol.

My favorite roll of the night!
The "Volcano Roll" It was so good... I'm craving it (; n ;) 

That was it for the food! So much food porn ;p but you're welcome!
I highly recommend Sushi Den if you live in Denver! It amazing and worth how much each dish is. I'm not sponsored or anything but damn I wish; wouldn't that be awesome???!!!? 
At the end of day I'm happy to be with someone that's my best friend and I can be very weird with every single day. It's been four year already and it's crazy what we have been through together these last four year.  I'm only 19 you guys and i've been with the same person for four years which makes me feel very weird. Nothing has changed when I see that guy every night when he comes home all sweaty from work or from biking around downtown. Every time I look at him he makes me feel so happy and I want to hug him and annoy him with my loving forever. 
We're going to have a million cats and dogs and live happily ever after. Well at least I will with all those animals ^ u ^ 


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