My experience at working at Forever 21

Hi long time no see; as I am barely blogging nowadays.... Today was my first day at my new job but I wanted you guys to know how it was working at my first job which was Forever 21. 
these are my own opinions... obviously.

Okay so let's start with the whole application process went for me. This was around last year and they were hiring for seasonal. I went in for an interview and was basically hired on the spot which was weird for me who never had a job. I was happy to even get a job though. Everything was totally fine for the a couple of months but then things just started getting worse and worse! I think after the first month of me working there they caught a manager stealing from the drawers and was arrested out of the store ; u ; ... yeah. But I don't know if that's all true because rumors and everyone in that store would always gossip about anything. After everyone for seasonal the store slowly started going down hill... This was an on and off issue for the past 8 months that I worked there because people would get hired and then just leave after a couple of weeks or two months. Let me talk about the managers though.... oh god. They were all some characters. The store manager that I started with was a horrible fake bitch! u___u mean but she was a horrible person. We had a weird in-between of calm and crazy assistant manager; and then we had a very creepy lead that acted like a manager that would call us his "girls" when he was talking to us as a group but would if you would just talking to him by yourself he would call you miss, so he would call me miss sam but it was just creepy as fuck.. he's still working there but all the new girls want him to leave because they feel uncomfortable plus he acts like he has the power of a manager when he doesn't..

Even though there was some bad experiences that i hated I have met a lot of amazing people while I worked at forever 21 though, from some people I could never stand outside of the work to people that were the coolest people i've ever met. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot from this job. So I liked it for the most part, mostly because I would see people that made me happy :) To be honest; forever 21 wasn't that bad but it wasn't the best damn job because retail sucks. You learn to be around people though so that's what I mostly liked about it because I was always shy and quiet but now I'm somewhat talkative.

I would love to hear about you job experiences if anyone would want to share in the comments :3  

I suck at blogging now and it makes me sad :( but I definitely have all the time in the world right now but I don't have my camera still so that's what also been holding me back from blogging. No one probably doesn't read all this anyways :l 

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  1. This post was really good to read. I've never had a job before, but I really want one :/


  2. The last job I had was working as a waitress and I feel like it takes a certain kind of person to be able to put up with and deal with the customers you have to serve. I hated how people would talk to me like I was just a slave and as if I didn't have a life of my own, I was shocked to see people will actually throw things at you or spit etc. Just because they got upset over something that can easily be fixed by asking, not yelling and degrading the waitress. A lot of people don't tip either, so getting 2/hr wasn't working out for me. I've been trying to get a retail job forever, but the area I live in sucks.

  3. REALLY late in reading this, but I've had about 6 jobs since i turned 18 and they've all had their share of bullshit lol. I work at a car dealership now at a call center. I still get a lot of shit from customers and managers like I did at my shittier retail jobs, but I guess you go through the same motions no matter where you go, unless you own your own business then it's slightly different lol. I hope this new job is treating you far better!

    1. yeah work is the same no matter what you're doing unless you're the boss lol :b
      Oh and thanks so far it's okay i'm working as a host at dave and busters but it's pretty meh. My coworkers are very annoying and lazy tho