Update: Nov. 6th 2016

Hellooooo cuties ^ u ^ I know I barely post on here! I was on such a good roll too :( but now i'm back to my postings not being frequent. It makes me really sad because I love my blog and I always put so much work into when I am posting bleh. I want to put decent content on here but then again I post whatever the hell I wanted on here because it's a good diary for me to see what i've been put to for the past years. 
 As of since i've last posted I haven't been the most interesting person at all(bish i never am), I do post on snapchat and use social media ever other day but it's usually silly and has no meaning whatsoever. I also have been working a lot and school has been horrible this semester.. (entering mini storytime) A few weeks ago a fellow classmate made me feel bad about myself because she told me I'll never finish community college and I just felt sad because maybe she's right i'm only taking two classes a semester and passing by.... I don't know I've just been feeling very disconnected from school right now because I know it's going to take me, personally a long time. I wish I could be one of those persons that can be a full time student and work as well but I don't handle stress very well and would having a meltdown everyday my mental health isn't the best. (end of mini storytime)
On lighter news, my relationship with my boyfriend of five years is the best it's ever been and it makes me verrryyyyy happy. Relationships are a rollercoaster but we're young so I get it but thankfully for this past year has been grrrreat. I know talking about a relationship is very personal to a lot of people out there but for me I like being an open book because I don't like hiding anything, i'm happy with things are and I think people should know ^u ^ I think it's good to be an open book about certain things i'm not saying everything because it can be a disadvantage.... (grrrr)  Now i'm just venting haha. 
I just wanted to come on here and say i'm alive and doing well, just busy with life and living it. I would love to do more with this blog but i get stuck on what I want to do and what I can do... it gets very frustrating because I want to do all these these things but then I either forget to do it or I try to take pictures and it doesn't come out how I want it to be so I get mad and just forget the whole idea; that's how we get to where sam is never posting anything. I do lub and care for every single person that takes the time to read my nonsense that's on here because as I said earlier I put in a lot of work into this blog that the end product has to be pleasing to me and hopefully as well to you. 

August Favorites 2016 ♡

Hellloooo lovely reader! Today's bloggy post is my August favorites! I added music this month and pictures (^ - ^) 
These favorites are always in no particular order just the order I took the pictures haha 

Docolor Oval Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hello everyone I am back today with another review but this one is a brush review! I have gotten an email about a week or so ago if I wanted to review some brushes for you guys and I was very excited so I said yes! 

Please don't think just because I got send these brushes my opinion is bias in anyway! It's going to be a 100% honest review! 

Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

Hello lovely human being that is reading this review ^^ ! I am so happy that I am lucky enough to have this item. I bought it with my own money so it's my honest opinion. How did I get a lipstick that has been sold out forever you say..? Well I follow the owner of sugarpill on depop which is an app where you can sell your unwanted items but in this case @shrinkle (sugarpill's owner depop) was selling trinkets that were in flawed packaging; brand new lipsticks though. 

Let's get onto the review with lots of photos! 

June 2016 Favorites ~ ♡

Hello cutie who is reading this right now! I am back with my June favorites. It's been such a long time since i've done a favorites so this favorites is things that i've been loving for a couple of month already, next month hopefully it'll be more recent things i've gotten ( ^- ^ )/
Oh there is also some pictures that didn't come out all that great for the setting spray and the NYX butter gloss so there won't be any of my own pictures for those item but I do have a good swatch picture of the butter gloss so I added that. 
My next blog post will most likely be a review on the colourpop ultra metallic lip so that'll will be exciting and I also got trinket so i'll review that too. Let's move along to the favorites post!

Beauty Junkees 8 Piece Pro Series Eye Brush Set Review

Hello I am back with my first blog post of 2016! I know it's been a long long time :l but don't worry I haven't forgotten about my blog. I just been caught up with life u___u a lot has happened but that's a different blog post Hopefully i'll get back into the habit of blogging every other week and getting ideas flowing back to me. 

Anyways let's go into this review of these brushes I bought from beauty junkees. Just a heads up though I lost one of the brushes right away I think i lost it when i was over my cousin's house ; - ; whoops. It was a basic all over shader brush so it's okay. Technically this will be reviewing only 7 brushes.