Beauty Junkees 8 Piece Pro Series Eye Brush Set Review

Hello I am back with my first blog post of 2016! I know it's been a long long time :l but don't worry I haven't forgotten about my blog. I just been caught up with life u___u a lot has happened but that's a different blog post Hopefully i'll get back into the habit of blogging every other week and getting ideas flowing back to me. 

Anyways let's go into this review of these brushes I bought from beauty junkees. Just a heads up though I lost one of the brushes right away I think i lost it when i was over my cousin's house ; - ; whoops. It was a basic all over shader brush so it's okay. Technically this will be reviewing only 7 brushes.

This is my own picture of the brush set and below is the photo provided online.

The first brush I will be talking about in no particular order is the 
tapered blending brush
This brush is really fluffy at the top which is what i like. It's fluffy but not too fluffy if that makes sense. Definitely not as fluffy or as soft as my morphe e27. It's a good brush for blending everything and it's soft :)

blending brush
I'll say this isn't the best brush ever and i prefer using another brush for blending because this one is scratchy :l I do use it tho but to pack color once in a while.

 flat definer brush
This is a great brush for putting eyeshadow on the lower lash line or I usually use it when I don't want to wear that much makeup and just use a dark brown eyeshadow as eyeliner. It's really good for that since it's firm and doesn't go everywhere.

Pencil Brush
This brush is a one of those that I don't use that much but I do use it for maybe a cut crease be darker or for the lower lash line. It can be a tat bit scratchy though like the blending brush, It's not as bad as the blending one. I can get pass it since it's not as bad as the other one so i use it.

Crease Brush
This brush is my favorite out of the whole set! AHHHHHH I love it. I use this for my transition color and I blend it out and it's so lovely *_*  I just love this brush and made the set worth it

Here's a comparison of the first brush which is the tapered blending brush and the crease brush side by side.

Crease brush by it's self~

Angled Shading
I'll have to say that this brush is eh I use it but not that much.. But when I want the shadows on my crease to be darker I just pack and blend a tat with this and it's okay. Not the best but also not the worse of the bunch. It is really soft though! 

Precision Eye liner Brush
Lastly we have the eyeliner brush. Very basic and nothing special. I like this brush because when I got it I barely got my eyebrows done and I started filling them in and using this brush to do so but it's nothing you can't get from elf or morphe. 

Overall Review
  • I think that this is a great brush set for anyone that doesn't have any brushes and wants some to get through doing their eye makeup everyday but if you already have any these brushes in your collection it can be a pass. I don't have that many brushes like most of the humans that are makeup junkies so that's why i decided to get this set and I like it.. But then again if you need all the brushes in the world then this isn't a bad brush set to pick up for the price! I 
  • I got this brush set because I watched Jen Reviews raving about it saying that some are dupes for Sigma brushes. I love Jen reviews and her videos are A+++ so I trust her review on products but I had some other opinions.  
By the way they didn't send these to me i bought them with my own money.. 

If you guys are interested in these brushes you can purchase them here

I'll be posting again next week hopefully! If you guys want to see anything else i shall post ^ ~ ^ I might be going to rupaul's battle of the seasons so if i do i will be posting 
a photo diary but my next post will be one some glasses I just got yesterday ! 

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