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Hello everyone!~~~ Today I am going to review some glasses I received from! I was going to go on about my lack of blogging but I don't want to be a party pooper to this review.

Here are some pictures of the glasses!

I just want to say that this website is so sweet and nice! I never get emails on my blogging email so I use to never check it till recently... But I checked my email and I received a email from someone from I was emailing the lovely Catherine and she was so nice, replying with any questions i had and all that! The lovely PR said I could get prescription lenses so I was like yassssssss cause lately i've been digging wearing my glasses ^ - ^
I picked the lovely frames that you seen above this mini review. On the site they look like this... If you click on the image of the glasses it'll send you to page where you can buy the glasses.
Let's talk about the shipping and the quality of the frames, glasses whatever you want to call them. I just call them glasses because they're glasses and they have lenses? haha. For shipping I think it was like two weeks.. It didn't really bother me since I had other glasses I was wearing before but if you wanted something right away maybe this wouldn't be the best option. 
The quality of the glasses is great! Definitely worth the price if I were to pay for them myself! I love big oversized glasses with my face shape. I have gotten a lot of compliments when I wear these and I like that they are neutral so if they're great for me because usually i am wearing my glasses like right now :b hehe
All in all I love these glasses a lot and I want to thank for sending me them! I always appreciate that my blog brings me so much support from people on the internet and also that a company would want to send me glasses!
I don't have any pictures of myself with the glasses on but if you have me on snapchat you've seen me with these glasses. 

If you guys are interested in affordable prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses ; gave me a 50% discount code for my readers! The code is GSHOT50

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