June 2016 Favorites ~ ♡

Hello cutie who is reading this right now! I am back with my June favorites. It's been such a long time since i've done a favorites so this favorites is things that i've been loving for a couple of month already, next month hopefully it'll be more recent things i've gotten ( ^- ^ )/
Oh there is also some pictures that didn't come out all that great for the setting spray and the NYX butter gloss so there won't be any of my own pictures for those item but I do have a good swatch picture of the butter gloss so I added that. 
My next blog post will most likely be a review on the colourpop ultra metallic lip so that'll will be exciting and I also got trinket so i'll review that too. Let's move along to the favorites post!

     First item in no particular order, is the Elf's liquid liner. For only being a dollar or three I don't remember it's awesome! I stopped using liquid eyeliners when I made the switch to cruelty free items. because I loved the revlon colorstay liquid liner that was my holy grail and i thought i could never find anything to replace it when i switched so i haven't used liquid liner for a long time till now! I use it over my gel liner to make it extra black and it works great, it is a watery formula so maybe so of you guys that are beginners to makeup this wouldn't be good at all. You gotta work with it but I don't mind because of how much it is haha.

Swatch of the liner 

      Second item that is in my favorites is this cool tool to helped you clean your brushes :3 it's called the brushegg. I wanted to get this little egg cause cleaning my brushes is such a drag for me because i usually have to clean them twice to get everything out but with this egg I put some my brush soap on it and run my brush up and down, then wah lah nice clean brush ^ - ^ I got it on amazon if anyone is wondering just search brushegg and it will come up the prices range from $1-6. It do

   Next item is this highlighter from sonia kashuk. I've seen online that sonia kashuk's highlighter are really good so I thought i'll pick one up and this is the only hightlighter i've been using! It's so pretty. I really need to get more highlighters I only have a few but this one is my favorite one :3 you'll see how pretty it is in the swatch pictures.

Swatches of the highlighter and the more bronzey shade.  

I got these a while ago but I have been using them everyday when i don't want to wear a bold lip and they're great. There are a lot of mixed reviews on these lippies but I like them and they are transfer proof so my boyfriend likes that and he likes when i wear them around him. My lips aren't the chapped lately so I have no problems with them cracking on me. I like them better than the colourpop liquid lippies. 

Here are the swatches of the lingerie lippies :3 sorry it's on top of my tattoo but the other picture i took that were on my hand didn't turn out that well.

Moving along to this foundation from Milani. This foundation is great for me because of my oily skin and last a fair amount of time till i sweat it off and blot my face. I am the lightest shade but I did have the next shade up first and it was a bit darker than my body so had to get the lightest shade also it does oxides just keep that in mind but this foundation is great I just wish it didn't oxides so much but powder helps a lot :3 It is a great cruelty free drugstore foundation though! If anyone knows some good foundations for oily skin leave in the comments cause I want to try another one after i'm done with this one! High end or drugstore but CF please ( ^ - ^)/

a dollop of the foundation ~

I couldn't get a good picture of the setting spray so here one from google :B I fricking love this setting spray it's great! I've tried other ones from the drugstore and they're poopy but this one is awesome and helps my face not melt off! Even my boyfriend is amazed when my makeup is looking okay still haha. I recommend if you're looking for a cheap setting spray to pick this up!

The last thing on my favorite is this lip gloss that i've had for a long time actually but never used it till now! It's such a nice color and makes my lips look so pretty~ To me it's not purple it's just a nice dark pink shade. 

swatch of the lip gloss ~

I'm going over these briefly cause if not this post will be so long!

Little Witch Academia - This was a random watch when I was at my boyfriend's house and I loved it ^ - ^! It was nice because it wasn't a movie length thing but it wasn't also an actual show so it was easy for me to watch; Plus the storyline is so cute.

Finding Dory - Of course I had to add this movie into the favorites. It was so cute and would recommend to watch if you like animated films or just finding neon. I won't say it was better than finding neon though. 

Orange is The New Black season 4 - Also another thing that is obvious to add to the june favorites list, it's a good show to binge watch.

America's Test Kitchen - I didn't have cable at my house for a couple of days so I had to watch pbs and this show was on and became obsessed!!!!!! Then after watching one episode I search for it on netflix and there's season 14 so yessss learning about food and cooking.

Seinfeld - My boyfriend and I just started watching this randomly and we became obsessed so now it's our go-to show.. Easy to watch like friends but defs not better than friends it comes second place. 

Okay that's is all I'm sorry this took a while to post (^ n ^) but it's better late than never! I hope whoever is reading this enjoyed this and come back for my next post! 

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