Sugarpill Trinket Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

Hello lovely human being that is reading this review ^^ ! I am so happy that I am lucky enough to have this item. I bought it with my own money so it's my honest opinion. How did I get a lipstick that has been sold out forever you say..? Well I follow the owner of sugarpill on depop which is an app where you can sell your unwanted items but in this case @shrinkle (sugarpill's owner depop) was selling trinkets that were in flawed packaging; brand new lipsticks though. 

Let's get onto the review with lots of photos! 

as I said the packaging is "flawed" but it's only on this side of the box and it's not bad at all in my opinion! Bei Badgirl's artwork is perfect! and i love how it makes me feel a bit more body positive since I'm a bit rounder :') You guys should check her out if you've never checked her out!
 I'll link her instagram and her website.

Lots of photos of the packaging but it's so cuteeeee

~ The ingredients ~

 ~ Artwork on the actual packaging of the lipstick ~ 
I believe this is the older packaging now the tube is taller and has the sugarpill logo but i'm not 100% sure. 

You can see the glitter in the tube! It's so prettyyyyy (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

This is the side view of the applicator which is really fluffy and shaggy looking but I like it personally because it's softer than other applicators :3 

 "Front view" of the applicator 

This is when I freshly swatched the lippie (‐^▽^‐)

 Wet and dry swatch of trinket 

ooooOOo lala lip swatches 
 Sorry you could see a bit of my upper lip hair  へ[ •́ ‸ •̀ ]  hahah I'm a hairy girl 

How much product is inside: Net weight is 6 grams / .21 oz.

Description of the product on sugarpill website"Sugarpill's very first liquid lipstick! Creamy matte mauve base infused with luminous golden sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets. Ultra-pigmented and super long-lasting, but so amazingly lightweight and non-drying that you'll forget you're wearing it! Creamsicle scented!"

Lasting power/wear-ability: This liquid lipstick actually lasts a long time well until you eat or makeout with your boyfriend :l but when i wore this lippies to work it lasted a good 4 hours till i had my lunch break then it faded away. 

Texture of product: The glitter is finely milled so the product glides on smoothly and is very opaque!

Price: Retail price is $18 but I got it for $16 since it came with flawed box packaging. 

Overall: Overall I love this lipstick! The color is amazing and it's not like anything i have and ever seen because of the glitter! Plus the best part is that it smells like fruity pebbles (to me) or orange creamsicle according to many humans on the internet and humans that i've had smell this item.  It's a very unique color and lasts a good amount of time on the lips, it doesn't move at all which is great with this type of product that has glitter. The only downfall I will say about this product i can see for some people is about the movement of your lips and the glitter; don't get me wrong i love it cause it's what make this such an awesome color but this could be a con for people who aren't into that much glitter on their lips; movement on your lips make the glitter show up more and more so naturally when you're talking and all that the glitter starts peaking through more. If you're not about that glitter life then this isn't your lipstick but if you want to try out something adventurous then definitely pick this up when it becomes available again!

I hope you all enjoy this review! 

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