Docolor Oval Makeup Brushes Set Review

Hello everyone I am back today with another review but this one is a brush review! I have gotten an email about a week or so ago if I wanted to review some brushes for you guys and I was very excited so I said yes! 

Please don't think just because I got send these brushes my opinion is bias in anyway! It's going to be a 100% honest review! 

The packaging ~

I labeled every brush in the photo to what number they are because they don't have names or a number on the handle. 

These brushes are the ones that i've been using the most! Great to blend out my foundation. 

Close photo of the brush hairs 

Picture of the back of the brushes  

For both of these brushes i've been using them to contour my face but then I blend it out with brush 6 which is in the picture below. Brush 7 is great to blend out contour more but I also been using to put powder under my eyes to bake. 

I haven't really used brush 5 that much but brush 6 i use to blend out my concealer out or I also use it to put powder to bake under the contour which works amazing! 

I've been using both of these brushes for my nose contour and i've been loving it for that! I'm very new to contouring my nose and i'm not very good at it either but using brushes like this helps me a lot. 

These two brushes I haven't really tired to use that much because I don't know how I would be able to use them... I guess they're for your lips or for eyeshadow; I can see myself using them more for my lips but not really ; - ;  If anyone can give me more ideas to use these comment ! 

Price: $30.99

Overall:  Okay well let's start with the actual review..
 I've never used oval brushes but I have always been intrigued because of the Artis brushes and all the hype from youtubers but this girl is poor and lower class peasant. Any who when I got a lovely email from Calie - shoutout to her for contacting me and asking if I wanted to review these oval brushes! I was like yasssssssss!!!!

 I really do like these brushes because they are actually great quality for the price! As I said before i've never used brushes like this so I was very excited to see how they would blend out my foundation; My favorite brushes from this set definitely are brush 9 & 8 because how they perform.. Just wow they blended out my foundation freaking flawless and to be honest if anything get these brushes because they are worth every penny. These are great for beginners or anyone that just want to dab on foundation and just blend it away to freaking slay everyone!
 The other brushes are great too because they are very versatile and you can play around with them to see how you would use them and what functions they can benefit you with. Sadly the last two brushes (1&2) i haven't really used because they are awkwardly shaped and i am trying to still find how i can use them but the other 8 brushes are wayyy more efficient at least in my opinion. 
I've only had these brushes for a week so i am still figuring out how I like to use them but it make it very fun for me because it's something i've never really tried to do before so if you ever wanted to get any oval brushes this set would be great to get. They're super duper soft as well! My boyfriend was like let me blend out your foundation and I let him and he kept saying it feel nice huh? haha. 
I do have a con about this set though and it's that the actual handles of the brushes is so flimsy :l well I have yet to break one but if you're harsh with brushes then you need to handle with care! That's all I have to say.. This review might of been everywhere so sorry hehe but in general I am very impressed with these brushes and thought they were going to be scratchy and hurt my face but nope they're all fricking great quality! I keep repeating myself; I am just legit amazed because you would think that it wouldn't be a great brushes but they are. 

Oh i almost forgot to say that every brush set comes with the brushegg! aka my favorite brush cleaner helper so I got two now but i'm going to save it so I can give it to one of the lovely humans that reads my blog when I eventually do a giveaway~ 

 Great for anyone curious about oval brushes
Brush 9 & 8 blend foundation like a dream 
All brushes are super soft

Handles are flimsy
Brush 2 & 3 not very useful to me

If you guy would like to buy set you can click here.

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Thank you for reading my nonsense review and I hope you enjoyed it! I would also like to thank the company for giving the opportunity to do this for my readers! 

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