August Favorites 2016 ♡

Hellloooo lovely reader! Today's bloggy post is my August favorites! I added music this month and pictures (^ - ^) 
These favorites are always in no particular order just the order I took the pictures haha 

I have this lipstick for a couple of months already but i've been wearing it more during August. I got it because of the hype and I love this color! I want to get lolita but it's always sold out but I work at the mall so I can be on the lookout for it when I work :b 
There is a con about this lippie though; it doesn't last that long on my lips :(

Here's a swatch of the lolita 2 

The next item in my favorite is colourpop's ultra metallic lip in the shade zebra. I am in love with this color!!! It's beautiful and every time I wear it I get so many compliments. I was going to do a review on this color but it's been a while so nahhhhh.

Swatch of Zebra 

I've heard a lot about airspun especially since everyone is "baking" nowadays and i've seen it at walmart but just never picked it up till about two months ago and it's life changing! It's great for baking!!!!! My concealer would always fade by the end of the day but now it's stay put all day and it also helps my eyeliner not get runny; my eyeliner use to run a bit to my waterline and it always bugged me but that isn't a issue anymore. 

This is another item that i've heard so many things about but never was able to pick up because it's always sold out everywhere but luckily I was able to snag it! I really like milani products and always wanted to try luminoso.. and I definitely see all the hype. It's a beautiful brush and lasted a great amount of time on my cheeks. I use to not really like blush but now I'm all on board! 

Swatch of luminso
It's so pretty on your cheeks! (* q* )

My second to last favorite for this month is blotting sheets.. I buy blotting sheets from the drugstore all the time but never from sephora because that's expensive, well until a couple weeks ago when I couldn't stand my oily face that during my lunch break I went to sephora and got blotting sheets. These sheets smell so gooooood and are more sturdy than the other ones i've used they're just pricey. 

My last blog post was about these brushes so you know my opinions about them :3 I had to include them in my favorites because I am actually enjoying them a lot! If you want to read my review on these the brush set you can click here.


Suicide Squad - My opinion on this movie was that it was enjoyable but I wish it would've gone more in depth with everyone's background story. It was fun to watch but I hyped it up a lot and was waiting for at least a year for this movie but it was a solid B. 

Gilmore Girls - This show is just great! I am a big fan of cheesy show that are about other people's lives, it's another heartwarming sitcom but you actually get to like every character and start caring for all of them and are just invested in their lives it's really weird but I love shows like that. Plus it has lauren graham and I loved her in parenthood which is basically gilmore girls but with more than focusing on more than one parent-child relationship. 

We bare bears - I love cartoons and always will but there just isn't any good ones anymore well I haven't really watched any that are bad I only watch the ones that are good and we bare bears is great and soooo cute!!! If you haven't watched we bare bears you should! 

Stranger things - Of course everyone is talking about this show so I'm not going in depth because you know it's great already I just wanted to add it in since it's worthy and i watched it in a day :3

1 night - Lil yachty 
This is my jam!!!!! That's all you need to know about this song to be honest.

Déjà Vu - Twenty88

Selfish - Twenty88
I love jhene aiko but not really into big sean so I didn't give twenty88 a chance until recently and I am enjoying their collab album a lot. Deja vu is one of my favorites in album and when I feeling fucked up from life my favorite song off the album is selfish. 

Girls (Gladiator Remix) - Vanessa Elisha 
This song is great when you're just chilling on your way to school. The whole vibe of the song is so nice I'm not that great at explaining why I like a song all i know is I like catchy songs and this is catchy! 

I know this took a while to post but I've been busy with work but I will not bail on my favorites! 

If you have any suggestions of what I should listen to,watch,read, or even try out let me know in the comments! 

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