eh it's me just venting

Hellloooo everyone ! I'm here back with a more personal and wordy post. I just needed somewhere to vent and I thought oh, why not my blog? Haha. 

October 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

I am back! Oh, my goshhhhhhh two blog posts in a week?! The blog has officially been taken over by a clone of Sam. I'm kidding but seriously though I don't post on my blog that much I really do want to post more and be more personal on here like I use to. 
Okay enough talking about how proud I am of being more active on here let's see what I got in my boxycharm for this month ^u ^ 

Colourpop x My Little Pony Haul

Heelllloooo everyone! I am back weeee with more makeup... yeah I know that's all I post about, but that's what I enjoy buying the most. I couldn't help myself but get some stuff from this collection. I am a big my little pony fan; I love watching friendship is magic and cry over it because it's so cute plus the message of each episode is amazing for little girls. 

Anywho, I love my little pony and I NEEDED not want the collection so here's a mini haul! 

September 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

Hello everyone, I am back with an unboxing! I got my boxycharm back and I am so happy because since I've had boxycharm they have gotten even better! I've supported boxycharm since the beginning and I'm glad to be back. I got my box on Saturday so I have tried some of the items already and I can give you a little first impression or mini-review haha. I was excited about this box but I am more excited for next months box because we are getting a Becca highlighter either in liquid or pressed form :o  

Anyways let's get into the box and hearing my opinion on the box!

Juvia's Place: The Magic Palette Review & Swatches

Hellllloooooo my fellow human beings hehe I am back with a review on this palette from Juvia's Place. I am so excited to have this palette cause I don't have anything like it and that's why I coughed up the money.  If you would like to see my swatches and know my opinion on this palette continue on reading :3 

Walgreens Haul ft CYO ???

Helllllooooo! I am the worst blogger in the world yes thank u for letting me know! haha but seriously I say that *terminator voice* that I'll be back, but I always faillll >:l I just get so caught up with work and sleep jk but seriously. Anywho let me tell you my day today, I went to a job interview and it was downtown so I decided to look around you know, go to clothing stores but then try on stuff and look at yourself in disgust cause you a round concha girl yeah that was me today. I was not feeling myself and didn't want to spend that much money and I really just wanted to go get some new fake lashes so I went to Walgreens and to my surprise there a new brand there that I've never heard about or seen! I was shooketh ! Sadly I have no idea if it's cruelty-free or not so I am really sad about that but I am hoping they are because it's affordable and you know I'm all about saving that coin! :b
I got some four things to try out which is exciting for me hehe