Walgreens Haul ft CYO ???

Helllllooooo! I am the worst blogger in the world yes thank u for letting me know! haha but seriously I say that *terminator voice* that I'll be back, but I always faillll >:l I just get so caught up with work and sleep jk but seriously. Anywho let me tell you my day today, I went to a job interview and it was downtown so I decided to look around you know, go to clothing stores but then try on stuff and look at yourself in disgust cause you a round concha girl yeah that was me today. I was not feeling myself and didn't want to spend that much money and I really just wanted to go get some new fake lashes so I went to Walgreens and to my surprise there a new brand there that I've never heard about or seen! I was shooketh ! Sadly I have no idea if it's cruelty-free or not so I am really sad about that but I am hoping they are because it's affordable and you know I'm all about saving that coin! :b
I got some four things to try out which is exciting for me hehe