Walgreens Haul ft CYO ???

Helllllooooo! I am the worst blogger in the world yes thank u for letting me know! haha but seriously I say that *terminator voice* that I'll be back, but I always faillll >:l I just get so caught up with work and sleep jk but seriously. Anywho let me tell you my day today, I went to a job interview and it was downtown so I decided to look around you know, go to clothing stores but then try on stuff and look at yourself in disgust cause you a round concha girl yeah that was me today. I was not feeling myself and didn't want to spend that much money and I really just wanted to go get some new fake lashes so I went to Walgreens and to my surprise there a new brand there that I've never heard about or seen! I was shooketh ! Sadly I have no idea if it's cruelty-free or not so I am really sad about that but I am hoping they are because it's affordable and you know I'm all about saving that coin! :b
I got some four things to try out which is exciting for me hehe

The first thing I picked up is this lip liner. I am getting into lip liner now ( i know wow) I like using a lip liner to define my cupid's bow cause it's kinda off on one side so lip liner help a lot ! 

So I took a picture of this because this brand I believe is from the boots company in England and their products don't test on animals but I am just assuming! SOMEONE DO THE RESEARCH AND TELL ME PLEASE! It also says made in China but cruelty-free kitty also says just cause it says made in China don't mean it's tested on animals so I have no idea *freak out moment done*

This is the shade color

sooooo pretty! ( *  3 *)

Okay, now the lashes ! oh boy those Ardell ones are beautiful! and the other ones are maybe for everyday since I have no lashes ( - _ - ) weh

 So, I decided to get these a blush and this eyeshadow shade because you can't go wrong with a basic crease blending shade and the blush color is prettttyyyy! I swear in the store that blush shade was wayyyyyyyy different! That Walgreens lighting tricked me! I thought it was a tad bit darker but it's okay I still like it.  I haven't tried them yet so I will keep you guys updated and maybe do a review on the whole brand :3

 Shade names

Now to the last item, I picked up which is this primer that claims to matte and blur your loving skin :b I am in dire need of a new primer so I say eh what the heck why not try this out. I'm spooked but as I said for the blush and eyeshadow I will keep you updated. 
Follow me on twitter cause I will probably be saying if it destroys my face or not. 

Prices for the items:
・Primer: $5 (4 w/ coupon)
・Blush: $3 (2 w/ coupon)
・Eyeshadow: $3.50 (2.50 w/ coupon)
・Lip liner: $3.50 (2.50 w/ coupon)
・Andrea "my typical every day" lashes: $4.79
・Ardell double up lashes: $5.99

That's all foooooolllks ! I hope you enjoyed this post and don't worry I will be having my review on the Juvia's place magic palette review up sometime this week hopefully! I'm going to try it out and see how it applies because I don't like to give my thoughts just by swatches.
If you never heard about this brand go on the Walgreens website (link to check out) and tell me does it looks intriguing to you as it did to me in stores? Oh and in stores they do have a coupon for this brand I got one dollar off every item. 
okay byeeeeeeeeee

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  1. Yaaas I get so excited to see a blog post from you! I'm gonna have to look into this brand bc I'm running out of product ;___;