Juvia's Place: The Magic Palette Review & Swatches

Hellllloooooo my fellow human beings hehe I am back with a review on this palette from Juvia's Place. I am so excited to have this palette cause I don't have anything like it and that's why I coughed up the money.  If you would like to see my swatches and know my opinion on this palette continue on reading :3 

This is when the sun was killing me with its light so sorry the lighting got ugly for the rest of the photos :l

These swatches are in direct sunlight fyi 

I tried to use some tape to clean it up but the first swatches came out back sorry ahaha

How much product is inside:  Net worth - 57.6 grams/2.03 oz

Description of the product on Juvia's Place website
The magic palette was inspired by the moon and sun goddesses. A beautiful fusion of cool and warm tones. Perfect for day and night looks. 

Lasting power/wear-ability: I have worn this palette as an everyday palette mostly since I don't go all colorful all the time. The shadows I used for "every day" were: Kesi, nana, Zakiya, and Kogi. Other than that I did two looks one I took selfies with lol... You have probably seen my selfies online. My favorite shadows are the ones I've worn the most often obviously and the glitter shadows! They make everything look so pretty * u * 

The texture of product/Pigmentation:  
There are 10 glitter shadows in this palette that are more of a foiled finish; cause the texture of them is sooooo smooth! I've been using them with my finger to pack it on but they work just as well packing it on with a dense brush. There are 6 matte shadows and when swatching them it looks like they would be hard to work with but once they're on the eyes they blended out nicely and there is barely any fallout. The pigmentation of these shadows is insane; You get what you see in the pan!  The reason I've always wanted to try out any Juvia's place shadows is that there is so much rave in the makeup community about the pigmentation and it does live up to all the hype.  (^ u ^)

$35. I believe the price is totally worth it and if you compare this price point for a good well-pigmented palette with 16 shadows; you are looking at spending more than 35 dollars and more around 40 or 50 dollars. 

Overall/rate:  My final thoughts on this palette is that it's amazing and I'm a new fan of Juvia's place! I think it's amazing pigmentation, the glitter shadows are awesome and worth the palette itself. I do have one complaint though and it's that the shade ife does leave a stain on your eye for a bit. I don't mind cause it's not for a long time and I always wash my face and use skin care as well and even with all that the purple wasn't coming off until the morning after. That is the only eh I have but it's no biggie because it's already the end of the day when I take my makeup off and no one is really looking at me. Other than that I love this palette I'm so happy I got it and I am looking forward to playing around more with it. 
I hope you enjoyed this review I know it took a while but I really wanted to play just a bit more with it and if there is any other updates I would make sure to let you guys know. I do believe it's worth checking out if you've never heard of Juvia's place because they have such pretty palette and they are a bang for your buck in my opinion. 

Have you guys tired Juvia's Place?? What do you guys think of this palette?
Let me know what you guys think in the comments :3

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