September 2017 Boxycharm Unboxing

Hello everyone, I am back with an unboxing! I got my boxycharm back and I am so happy because since I've had boxycharm they have gotten even better! I've supported boxycharm since the beginning and I'm glad to be back. I got my box on Saturday so I have tried some of the items already and I can give you a little first impression or mini-review haha. I was excited about this box but I am more excited for next months box because we are getting a Becca highlighter either in liquid or pressed form :o  

Anyways let's get into the box and hearing my opinion on the box!

So the theme for this month's box is boxy baddie playing on the "Instagram baddie"
This the back of the theme card and it's showing us all the information about each product and boxycharm's tip on how to use each product.
I apologize about the lighting here and in some other photos the sun comes and goes every time I am taking blog photos ugh!!

These products aren't in any order FYI
The first item we will be "unboxing" is this deep conditioning mask from briogeo. I have never heard of this brand so this is nice to have to try out plus my hair has been needing some loving. I will keep you updated on how it is and I will probably be using it today since I will be washing it today.

Next, we have a Bareminerals brush which is cool but I am not super excited to have cause I feel like I won't be using a lot. It does look very interesting and I have heard about this brush because they released it with one of their foundation and it was all over Youtube.

Moving along we have a loose blush from studio makeup. I been loving blushes so it's nice to have a new blush and the color is right up my ally with being very muted and not so in your face. 

I will explain this shade as a mauvy muted peach and it's so pretty on the cheeks I have tried this blush already because as I said I've been liking blushes in this color range...

Swatchy swatch. 

Ahhh the most exciting thing in the box for me was this palette. A girl can never have too many palettes because we need that variety !!! I have been using this palette for the past two days and I've been liking it, but the shimmery shadows aren't that great but I bet if you wet them they would work better. I am just assuming since most shimmer shadows look better when used wet. 

Not the best photo since my the focus all funky but if you want to see better and more official photos click on this link HERE to see it on pur's websites. 

Below I have swatches of the shadows. They aren't the best swatches in the world so sorry but you can get the idea. The first row of shadow is hard to photograph since my skin is in that shade range lol 

Second to last item in the box is this colourpop satin lippie. I was happy to see this in our box because I am already a fan of colourpop and this formula of their lipsticks. 

Swatchy swatch in the sun.

The final product is a MAC eyebrow pencil. Sadly MAC isn't cruelty-free and I don't buy any MAC products but I will be keeping it cause eh I want to try it out. So far it's eh I don't think it's that special. If anything I will give it to a family member or friend but for now, I'm still using it. This is the only photo I took cause I forgot to take a swatch photo but I will look around internet and insert someone else's swatch :3


This month's box was great and was worth $141 retail value which is awesome for only paying $21 it's definitely worth it! I know I will say this in every unboxing but it's true for someone that loves trying out new things but does not like to spend my coin on trying new products. 

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