Colourpop x My Little Pony Haul

Heelllloooo everyone! I am back weeee with more makeup... yeah I know that's all I post about, but that's what I enjoy buying the most. I couldn't help myself but get some stuff from this collection. I am a big my little pony fan; I love watching friendship is magic and cry over it because it's so cute plus the message of each episode is amazing for little girls. 

Anywho, I love my little pony and I NEEDED not want the collection so here's a mini haul! 

The first thing I got is not my little pony related but it's their concealer that came out a couple months ago. I heard many good things about this concealer so I wanted to try it out for myself :3 So far I am loving this concealer! It doesn't crease on me at all, unlike my Milani concealer. 


Packaging is 10/10. The only packaging I will never throw away

I decided to get this shade because I felt like I would use it more than the purple one plus I can use this shadow as a really cute inner highlight.

It has a pink shift *-* I love me some duochrome 

Swatchy swatch. You can kind of see the pink shift hehe. 

I got the pinky highlight from the collection and I was sooooo excited for this item and the palette of course :b
I put it right away on my face once I opened the package cause it's so pretty and cute! 


As you can tell I've already worn this highlight twice. It's already looking a little beat up :l wahhh but still looking cute. I love how they pressed it with the cutie marks sparkles :'

Swatchy swatch ♡___♡ so magical, wonderful.

Last but not least the *star* of the whole collection :b *drumroll* the palette! it's a bit dirty on the bottom and I have no idea how.... 

The actual packaging of the palette ^ u ^ as I said a million times the packaging is eeeep! I love all the holographic detail throughout the packaging and the ponies are looking cute cute cuteee !!!!! 

The back of the palette with the shadow names 

All these shadows are beautiful and I love that they aren't just pastels and bright colors because that's not very wearable. Don't get me wrong, you can do very colorful looks with this palette but you can use this "every day" for a pop of color and can get some nice every day looks as well ^ - ^ 

Here are some swatches of the palette. They aren't the best swatches ever but I will also include the official swatch photos from colourpop. 

I will be posting on Thursday with my boxycharm unboxing! I hope you enjoyed this mini haul and all my excitement for the packaging hehe. If you got anything from this collection make sure to tell me what you got in the comments and what you think of them so far.

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