Favorites of 2017

Hello everyone today I will be sharing my favorites from the whole year :3 it's going to range from makeup to movies and shows. I only photograph my beauty favorites since my "backdrop" isn't big enough for everything, haha but I am ordering an actual backdrop and it'll be here in maybe two weeks or so. Anywho, I am super excited to review the year with you guys and share my favorites from last year! I am hoping 2018 will be great and hopefully, I start doing more on the internets to boost my status on here. I apologize that all these items are beaten up and old but that's what happens when they're your top tier fave. 

My first item in no particular order is this brow powder from bodyography. Last year around September I decided that the straight bangs were out and that meant my brows were going to be more exposed so I had to start doing my eyebrows more. 
I've had this trio for like three years and I haven't really used it but now I use it every single day and I freaking love this product! It's perfect and makes my brows look amazing. I am more of a pencil/powder girl than a pomade cause I think pomade is a bit too intense for my taste plus it's hard to work with. 

I usually use the top two colors and the bottom one when I go a bit too dark with the other two and that softens it up. You can get this item here it's $20 which is pretty expensive but I got this item such a long time ago from boxycharm but to be honest it's worth 20 dollars and I would repurchase on my own. 


The next two favorites from 2017 are glosses because I became obsessed with lip glosses! I love how they make my lips look 10 times bigger and I am in love with my lips :3 
This one is from colourpop and it's Moonchild from the latest Kathleen lights collab;  i've barely had it for a month but it's soooooo pretty. Colourpop glosses are very different than other typical glosses it's not sticky and heavy feeling which is great for people that usually don't like glosses for those reasons. 

swatchy swatch

The next lip glosses that ruled my life in 2017 and will continue in 2018 is buxom glosses in general but this one called Moscow Mule is amazing! I posted it on my Instagram the day I got it because I was like oh my god I am in loveeeeee.

Swatchy swatch of gloss

The next item hurts me and pains me that it's even on my list because it's not cruelty-free !!!! :( I know I'm terrible. I bought it because I needed something for my oily skin and this kept coming up. Luckily this is the only bottle I bought so it's not a repurchase. I am so sad it made my skin feel amazing! Blah it hurts my soul that it did but I'm about to be done this product so i'm going to look for something better :3

The next three items go together sooooo.... this is a contour stick from abh in the shade fawn and I use it to contour my face, then I go over with the contour kit to do more contouring on my round face. it's a perfect shade for me but if I want it to be more intense I use another shade to contour but usually this is what i use for my makeup.

swatchy swatch

This is the foundation that I've been using for the past couple of month and I've been in love with it. I was very interested in the abh foundation stick because I heard that it was made for people for combo/oily skin and I was like yay! I mean I still am an oily shiny ball but it's not that terrible and I blot my face and I'm fine. 

As you can tell this contour kit has gotten a lot of love and will continue to be used. This is something that is worth the money because of how convenient it is and it's a new love from 2017. Sometimes the contour kits are on Sephora wow weekly and are only 20 dollars so if you been wanting this kit I would be on the lookout and get it when it's on sale :3 

The highlight that I ruled 2017 is the solstice highlighting palette from sleek makeup and oh my goodness if you love highlighting and looking like a glazed donut you need this palette. I got mine on eBay since sleek makeup wasn't sold in the US but now it's being sold in Walgreens I believe? I think it's only a few items so you would have to either buy online or check your local Walgreens.

My favorite highlighter in the palette broke :(

Swatchy swatch

The second to last favorite from 2017 is this palette from pur and oh my goodness this is an everyday palette from me and I am so glad boxycharm blessed us in September. All the colors are amazing and they blend great; I don't have anything from pur but this is such a great palette and if you don't have it I think you should pick it up. This is going to get more love in 2018 for sure.

If you would like to see swatches of this palette you can go to my boxycharm unboxing from 2017 September I will link it right hereeeee.

My last favorite from 2017 is this little blush from Tarte that I got as a Sephora birthday gift. I bet everyone has this blush because of the birthday gift thing but this blush made me fall in love with blushes in this shade range.

I totally forgot to take a swatch photo for this... whoops.... and also my lighting or camera totally washed out the color of the blush :l

TV shows/Movies

2017 was such an exciting year to go to the movies because I formed a love for watching movie reviews and just enjoying going to the movies with my little movie going squad. At first, it was just my brother and I but then my boyfriend, little sister, and my boyfriend's best friend got added. I love going to the movies with people that are just as excited as I am. I went to the movies a lot in 2017 and got opportunities to go to early screenings for a few movies as well. The movies that made my favorites got a lot of hype but the hype was definitely worth it for them.

Unfortunately, I did not watch many shows this year because I got very into watching youtube videos but I did add three shows that came to my mind right away that I really enjoyed in 2017. I don't want to go too in depth with every single show and movie because that will be a whole post but I do want to start doing movie reviews on my blog because I do enjoy going to the movies a lot and I want you to join my new found love as well.

Just do yourself a favor and listen to all these songs! 

Nuestro Planeta (feat. Reykon) - Kali Uchis
One and Only - Cuco
Into You Remix feat. Mac Miller - Ariana Grande
Moving on and Getting Over - John Mayer
See You Again - Tyler the Creator ft Kali Uchis
On My Mind - Jorja Smith X Preditah
Girl ft. KAYTRANADA - The Internet 
My Favorite Part ft Ariana Grande - Mac Miller

Thank you, everyone, for such an amazing year I love every single person that takes their time to read my blog or even glance at it. It means the world to me because I just do this for fun but it would be really cool if I could eventually expand my blog more. I love blogging and it's really fun to keep logs of your life and sharing things I enjoy with people. 2017 wasn't groundbreaking for me I am just living my life but I hope something great in 2018 happens to each and every one of you and for me i'll just try to survive another year ^ - ^

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