Things I have bought recently from T.J.Maxx and Ross!

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I was looking at my old blog post and I was like aw my blog was so cute so I am going to try to put in that cute and get to know more about me element back! Recently I have been buying a lot of my skincare and things from t.j.maxx & ross because there is so many awesome skincare there and it's doesn't break the bank! If you're a hater of these types of stores you are out of your mind and obviously, don't care about saving money and getting good products. I started caring about my skin after I got a really bad hive from one of my PJ shirts and sadly that left me with some dark spots and I wanted to help it out. I was never a skincare type of person till I got hives on my face because I have good skin thanks to my parents. Anywho, let's get into the things I've collected from t.j.maxx over the course of like a month. If you are interested in any of the products just click on the images for the item and it should take you to a link where you can buy it :3 Sadly they will not be tjmaxx prices but it's hard to find them on there because t.j.maxx online store is way different than in stores. 

First I will be talking about Jason's tea tree deodorant. I have a hard time with deodorant because my dad gave me the gene of sweating no matter what :( it sucks and it really sucks when deodorants don't help mask anything. Luckily I bought this to try since it said it's clinically tested and that's the type of strength I need. This deodorant is one of the best I've tried so far and that surprised me a lot! I do get nervous sweats and this doesn't help for that but for my everyday activities I've been staying dry and I'm not as smelly anymore... I have no idea how this is going to do to my summer sweats but I have high hopes.

The second things I will be sharing is theorie purple sage conditioner. I get my purple shampoo at t.j.maxx since that is the best deal and I found this conditioner! I have to stay that I don't really care if my conditioner is purple but I did want to try it out since it could help with the blonde but I personally think that purple shampoo makes more of a difference when trying to keep the brassiness from my hair at least. (let's keep in mind that I really need to go get my hair done soon cause no purple shampoo can help my mess)  This conditioner is great though to keep it soft and it smells amazing. I definitely want to get the shampoo after I run out of my curtain shampoo. 

Next, I have another hair product to share and it's oliology coconut oil 10 in 1 spray. I don't have much to stay about this product because I don't think it has made such a difference with helping with my hair but I do enjoy using it but I won't be repurchasing. 

Now we are finally moving along to face/skincare products! I was very interested in the Valjean lab serums I really wanted to buy all of them but I picked the restore one and I've been loving it so far! It really makes my skin feel so hydrated I can't even imagine how my skin will feel with the actual hydrate serum! I will be picking up the rest of the serums to try out. They are also very aesthetically pleasing which is always a plus haha.

Next item I will talk about is the esfolio aloe vera soothing gel mist. I got this because I've been getting redness and dry when I get out of the shower and thought this would be great to just mist when I get out. My skin gets dry when I get out of the shower and this spray has been helping so much! It was really cheap as well. I'll say it was around 3.99 but online it's a bit more but not as pricey as things at Sephora.  

Lastly, I will be talking about these rubber hair roller I got from Ross! I love these so much and they are my new best friend hehe. If you have me on snapchat you seen in these rollers the other day. I love these because you can just roll up your hair and keep them on while you're doing your makeup or sleep in with them and have nice curled hair for the day! Sadly the curls don't last as long as curls using heat do but at least you are not damaging your hair! 

That is all I've collected so far from t.j Maxx, and Ross and I hope to share some more cool find with you guys soon! Hopefully, this encourages you to hit up your local stores and try some new things out and not spend over 40 dollars on one item :3

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