April 2018 boxycharm unboxing

Hello, everyone, I am back!!! Sorry, this unboxing took a while to get up but my boxycharm arrived a bit late this month... I believe they used FedEx to ship it out and they usually take a while to get to my P.O. box. I know these posts aren't the most exciting things anymore because boxycharm just spills the beans on the box every single month now which sucks because I use to like when they only gave us one spoiler or two but now they just let us know the whole box. Whether you care or not I will still be posting my unboxings but I also want to stay away from these posts now because everyone knows what's in the box and we have all been getting the same things. I will say that my unboxings most of the time are also a first impression because I use the things after I'm done taking pictures for the blog. 

Let's get into this month's unboxing!

This month's theme is eye candy as you can see from the main photo I used. The information card for boxycharm is different now which surprised me because I am so used to how it's been. 

On the back is a coupon for tarte that can be used until may 15th. Very nice if you're planning on stocking up some tarte goodies. 

The first item I unboxed was from dr. brandt and it's a pore purifying mask. I was super happy to see this in our box because this is targeted for oily to combo and I was yayy!! I did use it the day I received my box and it's really nice and has a cooling feeling that kicks in about 3 mins in the mask. I left it on for about 15 mins and my nose area felt amazing! 

Next, is the Tarte tarteist pro glow liquid highlighter. I wasn't super excited for this because I'm not a big fan of liquid highlighter but I love trying them out since I don't go out of my way to buy them. 

I also used this when I did my makeup the day I received my box and I'm still on the fence about this product. I have to use it a few more times to know how I feel about it but I don't hate. As I was saying before liquid highlighter aren't my favorite because you have to work quickly and most of the time they just stick to one area and can't be blended that well.

How it looks when I squeezed a bit out. Below is the swatchy swatch. It's glittery but I don't hate it. 

Next, we got a liquid lipstick from Adesse. I have no idea how to pronounce that out loud so thank goodness I don't make videos haha. 

Little info on the product. 

Packaging and applicator 
I have not used this product yet but it smells so yummy! 
there's no shade name anywhere on the packaging or on the box :( It's a beautiful pinky nude though.

Swatchy swatch

This is the second to last item in our box and it's a brow gel with microfibers from the browgal. This item interested me a lot because I heard a lot about microfibers in mascaras but I haven't heard of it in a brow product. I know microfibers help with thickening so this is really exciting for me because I love having fluffy somewhat messy brows. 

I got a bit sad that I got the shade light hair because I have dark brown hair but once I used it on my brows it doesn't look terrible and actually I think helps out my brows since I can overdo it with the brows sometimes that even a spooly can't help out. I am still new to the eyebrow gang and learning every single day I do my makeup. For my first impression, I fricking love this product because of the fluffiness it brings and helps me out! 

You can kind of see the microfibers in this picture. 

Finally, the most exciting item we got this month is a coloupop palette!! I know there was I believe four different palettes that were given out in our boxes. Luckily I received a palette I don't have in my collection so I was so happy! 
The box packaging is the same as the palette packaging so I just took pics of the colors inside. As you can tell these colors are all soooo prettttyyy! At first glance, I was very impressed because this is right up my alley with the bronzey shimmery shades. Some of the shades are quite deceiving to me because I thought they were in the burgundy family but they were more purple! I'm talking about silk street but also maybe I was looking in the wrong lighting cause it does look like a deeper purple in the photo haha. 

Enjoy my terrible swatchy swatches!! 

I really loved this month's box more than last month's. I think it's because it is products that I will actually use rather than products that I will try out and just store away in my collection or give away to someone. 
The total value of this months box is $138! I'm shook as always 

What did you guys think about this month's box? 
Are you excited for infinity war? I already have my ticket for Thursday hehe ^ - ^

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