Colourpop New Theory Lippie Kit Swatches

Hi everyone, I am back and this time with a swatch party! I recently caved in and bought the New Theory lippie kit from colourpop's butterfly spring collection, as well as a super shock shadow. I bought these with my own money... Obviously! I wish I would get PR packages but I probably will never be on that level and that's totally fine with me. I just like sharing my experience and having my excitement for makeup and other things out in the world

I was very interested in this lippie kit because I need more lipsticks (I don't but you know) and surprisingly I only own one of their lippie stick and wanted to try out more I thought the colors were amazing for spring. I am so excited to rock a red lip or a nude lip with my cute spring outfits.

I am so sorry it took forever to get this posted but there have been some laptop issues and I really need to find time to fix my laptop but that doesn't matter....

So let's get the swatch party/first impressions started!!!

The yellow packaging is so cute but that is the outer sleeve packaging. This blue packaging the actual packaging where the lippies are in. 

This photo isn't the best but I wanted to show the detail in the packaging. It's so pretty!!  I love packaging of this collection and was another reason I wanted to buy this set. 

This is what the inner packaging looks like and where the lippies are stored.

Yayyyy ! 
I like how they came in lightest to darkest ^ - ^

There are swatches for all the shades but I split it up and swatched the first three lippies and the last three. The last photo has all of the lippies swatched and they are swatched on Aaron (my boyfriend) ! So you will be seeing both of our hairiness hehe. 

First, we have Ink Blot which is described on the site as matte warm neutral beige.

When I picked up my package from my P.O. box I right away wore this lippie, it looks so nice on the lips! This is a good shade to have in my collection because it is a color I don't have.

Second lippie stick is Sike and is described as a matte deep dirty peach. 

I have yet to wear this lippie but it's beautiful as well! It is also a shade I don't have in my collection. 

Third lippie stick is called Little Tings. It's a creme finish and is described as mid-tone mauve pink. 

This lippie is soooo cute I have worn this to school and it's a nice everyday pink and the creme formula is super comfortable 

Swatches for the first three lippies. This is my hand sorry about the hairs. 

Fourth lippie is called Lullaby. It's a matte x formula and described as an intense orangey red.

 I have not wore this lippie as well but ooh my god this shade is fricking amazing ! I've been wanting a orangey red so this is perfect and i am so excited to wear this! I will probably wear it sometime this week for sure. I am also excited to see how the matte x formula compares to the matte formula because the matte lippies don't dry out your lips and take the living soul outta them but we shall see about this x formula. 

Fifth lippie is called Fly-fi. It's a matte x formula and described as red terracotta.

 I have worn this lippie and wow this shade is completely different than it looks on stick and the packaging. It lives up to the description better than what it looks like. I say this because to me this looks like it would be a darker red and not a terracotta. 

Final lippie is called Persuasion. It is described as a matte plum. 

 This is another lippie I have not worn and this is one of the lippies I was like eh about because I don't really like wearing these types of plumy shades. I will push myself to wear it more though because I am a nude and red type of gal when I do wear any type of lipstick. I am soooo boring I know but I want to get out of that comfort zone. 

Swatches of the last three lippies on my hand.

Swatches of all the lippies! All on the great swatch display on my baby boy hehe. This definitely looks like it could be my hair but I swear it's not you can ask Aaron :3 

Overall, I think this is an awesome deal and I think it's great for anyone that is looking to try out new shades or just want more lipstick haha. If you would like to order this set you can click right here and get it ! :3 It's not a need but these are great additions to my collection. 

Speaking about lippies I also received this mini ultra matte lip in my package in the shade beeper. I was very surprised because everyone loves this shade and never bought but now I have it and it is something I will wear!

Swatchy swatch on my hand.

I also got this super shock shadow in the shade buzzin because I watch the colourpop videos where they did swatches on the collection and Jordynn was wearing this shadow and it looked so cute! That's what really made me get this shadow hehe cause I was like yep that's for me. I am a big fan of all the colourpop girls that work in the office they're all so cute!

 The packaging is sooooo cute ! 

I would describe buzzin a warm taupe brown with gold glitter. As I was saying above I got this shade cause it looked cute on someone else and I have worn it and it's super cute on all over the lids. It's not very glitter at all so you could use this shadow in the crease. 

Swatchy swatch on my hand ^ - ^

I think this is such a cute collection but you can pass it like any other collection I don't really need any of this stuff but the packaging got me and the lippie set got me too because of the shades. I want to get some more shades from the collection because there is a cute purple shade called exo like the k-pop group in this collection that's so pretty but do i need it ? No, but I want it ! I hope this helps someone out there or just enjoyed the nonsense I write on here.

I would love to hear what you guys think about the collection and if you got anything from this collection, what did you get? I would love to know and read it in the comments !

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